Wednesday, May 12, 2010

“We are taking the law and bending it as far as we can to capture a whole new class of guns.” -- Kagan's Second Amendment fingerprints.



Anonymous said...

I think Kagan is dating Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Their favorite date is howling at the moon, and chasing cars and biting at the tires.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to make a statement with no party line
"attack talking points" (praised liberal Marshall,no public record or paper trail to ascertain her core beliefs,lawsuit regarding DONT ASK while Harvard Law Dean,never a Judge).

I am sure somebody listened or
watched Barry Husayn Odrama trot this nominee out for public consumption a few days ago and lavished on the glittering praise.She was a Harvard Law Dean,constitutional scholar, lifelong public servant,aide to Thurgood Marshall,solicitor general to the supreme court and on and on.That's all well and good.

Now let's get down to 2 simple words she uttered when
given time to speak freely (that is after the 5 minutes she spent practically beatifying Barry H.Odrama for sainthood even before he has animam efflare,or in English "exhaled his spirit").

These 2 little words I deem sufficient to shoot down
this nominee regardless of any attributes that on face value may seem POSITIVE.
And the words were?
"Constitutional Democracy"

America has NEVER been a Constitutional Democracy
EVER!This nation was founded as a Constitutional Republic and HAS BEEN ever since.
Maybe it was a Freudian slip spilling the beans that the long term goals are MOB RULE?Who knows.

I know one thing, make that two things.

1)School doesn't make you smart or knowledgeable

2)The only lifetime public servants I have known are parasites,leeches,symbionts and nematodes (when left untreated!)

Call your Senator and demand this nominee/abombination be passed over.
Thank You,

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear her talk at her confirmation hearings.

TJP said...

But there are no classes of guns. And there are no divisions of rights, either.

Dan said...

Good catch!
I didn't bother watching the PC, knowing that anybody obama found suitable was going to be detrimental to the Constitution.
But to think that a Law School dean and Constitutional "Scholar" either didn't know, or purosely obfuscated the fact, is troublesome either which way you slice it.

Dedicated_Dad said...

No experience as a judge.

How is she any different than the ever-mocked Harriet Meyers?


Since we have no judicial history to go by, we can only judge her by her politics - and they prove she's red as my dog's... uh... The biatch is RED.

If the Retardlicans want to prove they've learned their lesson, they'd better filibuster this nonsense for as long as it takes.

Seriously - AS LONG AS IT TAKES.


Anonymous said...

One thing for sure they need to put her through a hellish time during the hearings. I am quite sure there will be RINO's who will vote her in.

SHE is an OBAMAITE to the core a career idiot of the political liberal agenda.