Thursday, May 27, 2010

CNN's piece on ATF supervisory misdeeds, Part One



Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins said...

I guess I am just a cynic, but the only thing about the report is that CNN actually put it on the air. Somebody at the network must have have worked extremely hard to try and spin it away from being even more negative than it was.

hazmat said...

Interesting. So, you've got a guy who's being retaliated against, and when confronted Depity Dawg Melson says "But complaints have gone down 40% under my watch, can't be happening." Seems he also may be trying to blame the agent, in that 'he needs to check his job description'.

Gutless and typical bureaucratic BS.

tom said...

THIS IS ATF RETALIATION THAT COSTS 500,000 in a year, not pays 150,000 a year to suck at the .gov teat.

Talk to Len Savage about RETALIATION regarding BATfoo.

I don't feel sorry for a well paid agent in a job that shouldn't even exist in an agency that shouldn't exist.

Pity party for jackboots???

Dedicated_Dad said...

Punishing complainers is one sure way to drive down the complaint-count, huh?

I've given the FAT-boyz a lot of thought, and in reality they're just another in a very long list of symptoms.

The DISEASE is statism/collectivism. There's never been a statist/collectivist society in the history of the planet that didn't feature a bunch of thugs in spiffy uniforms who ran around kicking in doors, terrorizing children, and killing anyone who got in the way.

Honestly, it would be a surprise if they DIDN'T exist in their current form...