Monday, May 24, 2010

The Aryan Republican Army rides again? Probably not, but the West Memphis shootout brings back memories.


There's a lot we don't know for sure about this story about the West Memphis cop-killing and subsequent shootout which killed the apparent killers.

This story identifies the dead men as Jerry and Joe Kane of Florida.

This one has some more detail about the two, including this:

Jerry Kane has previous arrests in Ohio for assault, forgery and vehicle theft. He was pulled over at a checkpoint last month along Highway 380 in Lincoln County, New Mexico and arrested for not having a driver's license.

Lt. Eric Garcia, a spokesperson for the New Mexico State Police, says Kane was asked to provide an i.d. and refused. He was asked to step out of his car and complied, but when asked again for his license, he refused a second time. He was taken into custody without incident. Kane's son, says Lt. Garcia, was not with him during the incident. There was an unidentified woman in the van who was not arrested.

When Kane was shot and killed Thursday, he was actually wanted on a misdemeanor warrant for failure to appear in court on those charges out of New Mexico.

Interestingly, when asked what his profession was, Kane told New Mexico State Police that he was the pastor of the House of God's Prayer, which is the name of the controversial church in Ohio. The former pastor of the church, Harold Ray Redfeairn, became the leader of the Aryan Nation, and went to jail in 1993 for trying to kill a police officer. He was paroled in 1991 and died in 2003.

The minivan the Kane's were driving was registered to the church. For "controversial" substitute "Christian Identity."

The reference to the House of God's Prayer brought memories flooding back about the Kehoe brothers and the Aryan Republican Army.

Here is local Ohio story which recalls those days.

A snippet:

In 1997, there was a shootout in Wilmington between two suspected members of the Aryan Nations, Cheyne and Chevie Kehoe, and police. Chevie Kehoe was also convicted of the murders of an Arkansas gun dealer, his wife and 8-year-old daughter.

Here's more on the Kehoes, who circulated in and out of the ARA Switzerland, Elohim City, in the 90s.

So is this the latest episode of "The Aryan Republican Army rides again?" Doubtful. The accounts say that the church building has been vacant for years, although the vehicle was registered to it and Kane claimed to be pastor.

The other "Identity minister" and Aryan Nations leader in the area, Ray Redfeairn, died in 2003.

Kane seems to be one of "sovereigns" by all accounts. What his racial and religious theories were is unclear and no doubt was the subject of some discussion between him and God after the second, and final, shootout.



George said...

I'm certain you are expecting the wise media to link these clowns with Threepers/OathKeepers, and anyone else they don't like. Keep your powder dry and check 6 (figuratively, of course).

Rhodes said...

In a country that has not only learned how to make masses of second class citizens but embraced it, what else could be expected. Bad ideas always produce bad results and there seems to be no end to the bad ideas from the government or the ARA.

Question is how long can we remain between the rock and the hard place?

Anonymous said...

His ex-pastor of Jerry's now defunct church, (many, many years ago), moved onto the Aryan Nation. Their is no evidence Jerry followed the pastor. You're stretching.

As to his racial attitudes, check here:

He was friends with and helping many poor folks regardless of color.

By the way, when a drug interdiction officer pulls you over because you have out-of-state plates and either refuses to give you a reason or cites something similar to "your tire looked low", what are YOU gonna do? It may not be your ant-hill you or I wish to die upon but I will not denigrate the man who cares enough about his freedom to make that stand.

All officers acting under color-of-law can be lawfully resisted by whatever means are necessary to stop the thugs aggressive and illegal actions. Look up the case of the homeowner who beat the crap out of two Florida officers you entered his garage and assaulted him under color-of-law. He won his court case too. Just because they have a badge does not mean they are in the right.

tyrantsbane said...

It was a bit disturbing to see a photo of a dead kid who is [was] barely two years older than my daughter. I'll reserve judgment on the Kanes until I have seen more compelling evidence against them/in favor of them.

I am willing to bet that this will be used as more fodder on the MSM brainwash machine to:
A) Further denigrate the Patriot movement because of Kane's "anti-government sentiment"
B) Explain that guns are bad and assault weapons in particular should be banned [again].
C) Give the Only Ones more power to conduct warrant-less searches during routine traffic stops and give them more excuses for the long train of abuses they dole out on the American people every day because they "always have their lives on the line".

Anonymous said...

"I think Jerry Kane was very clearly known on the American radical right as a sovereign citizen," says Mark Potok with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit civil rights agency that tracks hate groups in America. "He was someone who felt the government has no right to issue driver's licenses, to tax people or indeed, to make them subject to most criminal laws."

"This is only the latest manifestation," says Mark Potok of the SPLC, "of a movement that's been extremely explosive in this country over the last year or so. I think it's very possible Kane went into a rage. The great mystery to Jerry Kane is...what was his relationship to the old Aryan Nation headquarters in New Vienna, Ohio?"

...aaaannnnnd scene!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anonymous @ 2:01 PM about your loss, but don't try to make some type of silly martyr out of this "sovereign" nut job who couldn't tell the difference between his own garage and a public access freeway. And one who blatantly risks his teen-age son's life, too.

Unless you were there when the first stop went down you're basing your twisted rant on "what if's". Any paranoid schizo freak who shares the sick Posse Comitatus ideology of Kane should be man enough to protect his family. "Joe" failed that test. Just another example of backwards thinking. Patriot? Not. Christian? No way. Idiot? Absolutely.

Your mis-quote over some so-called "right to resist by any means" officers acting under color of authority is so logically idiotic I almost didn't respond, but your pea-brain probably doesn't realize that when acting under color of authority officers are required by law [not merely permitted] to escalate their use of force by any means necessary to effect their duty. Ergo the Walmart parking lot.

I have no delusion about there not being bad cops out there. But I fight them through the system, not with a sneaky bullet in the back during a traffic stop.

Rhodes said...

So it seems there something foul in the air concerning this tragedy. Apparently I misunderstood something along the way making them members of ARA. The supposed registration of the van may be more than likely why the stop occurred, only the dead know for sure.

Where is the video from the stop anyway?

Something stinks to high heaven here.

Robert T said...

Anonymous May 24,2010 2:01 PM,

You speak as if you were there at the scene? I doubt it! So whats your agenda for making the claim The Kanes actually did something unlawful(Because who says so?)I could recite the many thousands of times cops illegally,unlawfully and criminally attack and murder someone they pull over or attack in the victums home, then go about to planting evidence to make it look like what they did was a lawful use of force.

But then I am not going to do that because YOUR pea-brain will willingly refuse to examine that factually based evidence.
You would make a good spokesmen(propaganda flunky) for the ADL.
Then you likely are one!

Anonymous said...

Drug interdiction patrols routinely make stops based on criteria that does NOT amount to probable cause nor even reasonable suspicion. These stops are arbitrary and capricious – meaning they do not meet Constitutional requirements of searches and seizures. It also means these stops may be defended against using violence if necessary.

Do I recommend it? Hell no. You will be killed by the state and scorned by those who claim to love freedom -- doing so while practically worshiping every bureaucrat given a government issued costume, badge, and gun -- they are of two minds -- unless it's the BATF. There we can all agree - LOL

We have ample evidence the courts will not save us. And still the majority appear to have given up on defending our rights except through submission and barter. Yet even they, (all gun owners at least), likely have a line that they refuse to allow ANYONE to trespass. For any of us to judge when another individual has reached his limit amounts to attacking yourself when your turn comes, (unless you only plan on submitting and passing yet more bloodshed upon the head of your children and grandchildren).

We all know the government is acting well outside it's duty, (exactly which individual's right were being protected when officers decided to arrest/detain Jerry? I've heard of no one stand up and claim they were a victim of Jerry's driving on I-40 that day -- No victim, no crime, no arrest/detainment should be allowed in a free country.

On the other hand, I would venture to say their are thousands of "victims" from the two dead officers.