Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Cold Civil War

Here's Jennifer III's latest. Be sure and make her blog, http://www.itakeliberty.com, a regular stop.


Anonymous said...

Interesting analysis, but how would one choose where a hot war was going to take place without losing the moral high ground?

Dennis308 said...

Tayor, Don´t worry once it goes hot it will spread to your home front.


Anonymous said...

Taylor, It can be done by forcing them to make the first move.
The Sons of Liberty did that by pushing the British till they fired first at the Bonston Massacre. They even yelled for the British to fire.
When the time comes we must push them till they make the first move and the first mistake.
Then we will hold the high ground and be supported by the American People.
It will be hard to do and we do not know where, yet.

Anonymous said...

>>>"Taylor, It can be done by forcing them to make the first move."<<<

That's already been done, and no one was any the wiser because the media won't report the news and certainly not the truth. They are nose deep in this for the other side because, they are the other side!