Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Great Moment in Alabama Advertising.

And you thought Dale Peterson's ad was edgy.


Dennis308 said...

Nice commercial,kind of refreshing.But the guy needs to stop getting into fights with bouncers and boy friends,or start being better prepared.


Alvie D. Zane said...

Assuming the business is his livelihood, I imagine that he WOULD care whether I bought a home from him.

Also, "his wife's boyfriend broke my jaw with a fencepost..." Did he mean "ex-boyfriend", or are they Italian?

I can see a real men of genius commercial coming out of this.

MikeH. said...

Interesting marketing technique... truth in advertising!!!


Dedicated_Dad said...

Love this guy.

Oh, and I think I'd buy 'most anything "she" was selling... ;o)

OK, truthfully, my shrivelled, black little heart prolly isn't up to the task, but I bet I'd die with a smile on my face...


Anonymous said...

Nice ad. Small wonder why the Establishment thinks we're just a bunch of in-bred, dumb-fuck low-class white trash that they can run roughshod over.

Anonymous said...

I remember I saw this back in November. Just as funny the second time.

Dr.D said...

Lets hear it for truth ( if not brevity) in advertising!


aughtsix said...

Always admire the mind of Walter Williams but this last line:

"Most importantly, modernize and streamline our cumbersome immigration laws so that people can more easily migrate to our country."

Er... No!!!

Enough, already



Anonymous said...

I can tell by looking at her that she sells a lot of mobil homes to men who don't need them. I bet she could convince me to buy one! Love the commercial though, definitely epic, and almost too honest.