Friday, May 14, 2010

Well, here's a big surprise.

Ya think?


Anonymous said...

After see Kagan's picture (too often), I have to ask:
Is there an ugly conservative woman?
Is there a beautiful (or at least good-looking) liberal woman?

I guess it's true, that the outside reflects the inner soul.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Nope, none what so ever.

Anonymous said...

How nice of her to think, AFTER HELLER, that the 2nd amendment guarantees RKBA to individuals (subject to whatever limitations state pols want to put on it).

My predictions, worth what you're paying for them: She won't make it to the Court, due to lack of qualifications. 0's next nominee won't be any better.

Dennis308 said...

I´m still waiting for the decision on the McDonald vs. City of Chicago.The Copy of the Oral Arguments that I have from the N.R.A. would support the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms and protect it from State Authority under the 14th. Ammendment.


Anonymous said...

She will be the next Supreme Court Nominee because even the most conservative Congress Repubs can't find much to criticize her for. Lack of qualifications is dismissed since Renquist had about the exact same qualifications when he became part of the SCOTUS.
She seems to be a brilliant legal mind and pretty moderate. She'll have no problem getting the approval she needs.