Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scratch a liberal, get a fascist. Obama gets in touch with his inner Hitler.

Embracing the moustache.

Also, Der Fuehrer begins stamping his feet in frustration.

Obama has told aides in recent days to "plug the damn hole" and he will head to the Louisiana Gulf coast on Friday for the second time since the April 20 rig blast that killed 11 and unleashed the oil.

No doubt foaming at the mouth and chewing the carpet is next.


Anonymous said...

Hm, 'beyond cooperation'? Not good.

Dennis308 said...

Actun! Do vit my way...Or I vill send you to eastern front.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the NWO

Anonymous said...

NO, no "welcome" for the NWO yet!

I and a few hundred thousand other freedom loving Americans have a "welcoming party" for them that will be a real 'blast'!


Ed said...

Tried clicking on the "clicking the feet" link. Got "You don't have permission to access /article/idUSN2522003520100526 on this server."