Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Drink Water, Drive On."

"An Attitude is Born." Cartoon and caption by MacLeod.


I thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I've had another rough day physically, but my pity-party is over. To use two phrases I learned from my wiser-than-me son, I shall "embrace the suck" and "drink water and drive on."

That's all I have left in me at the moment. See you tomorrow.



TPaine said...

Hang in there, Mike! Everyone out here is rootin' and prayin' for ya! Embracing the suck ain't easy - I speak from personal experience.

Anonymous said...

chill mike take a few

III% is here and always will be in case of emergency break glass..

you can be III on deaf watch... no communication further needed will respond in crisis the quiet 1 1/2 %


Anonymous said...


I know you aren't a huge fan of Glenn Beck, but I found this on the current events part of his site:

A scary thing to read, but the last two parts is apropos to your situation:

"Two years ago I don't think I told you this at the time. I told you later, maybe a year later but it kept me up for a very long time, very long time. I kept thinking — this is probably three years ago. I kept thinking, I've got to be wrong, I've got to be wrong, I've got to be wrong. I can't say these things. And I knew if I say these things, this is the time when our ratings were, you know, going to spiral out of control and everything else. You know, it's been longer because this is during Bush. And I knew what it would bring, and I can — I was hoping I was wrong and I didn't want to say them and I got up in the middle of the night and I read Ezekiel and it's the watchmen on the tower. And in those days I will appoint watchmen, not a watchman. Watchmen to the gates in the tower and they will have a vantage point and they will be able to see things. And if those watchmen choose not to alert the others, the blood of all of those that could have been saved, if they would have raised their voice, the blood of all of those that could have been saved will be on their hands."

You're a Watchman, Mike. One of hopefully many.

TypicalClinger said...

Well Good, I will stand. I have made my decision.Have you read
Boston T. Party? I'm sure you have. " I cannot face my ancestors" etc. You know? How can I look them in the eye?.I have made my decison.Lets go."Come and take them."

Gaviota said...

I have a "wiser-than-me" son, too. Please know that you and your son have many quiet men at your backs. We honor what you've taught us.

drjim said...

Hang in there, Mike!

Larry said...

Right on, Elijah!

Anonymous said...

"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." - Marcus Aurelius

Hope that cheers you up!

"Drink Water, Drive On."

There is always H2O2 therapy.

Anonymous said...


You had me worried with last night's post, I am glad to see you'll still be posting.

We will keep you in our prayers; I have pointed many folks at work to Sipsey Street and a lot are starting to wake up thanks to your writing

We wish you the best and pray for your recovery.

III more than them said...

Yer son has a good attitude. I've had a hell of a day, too, and I'll take what he /you said and do much the same as you.

Rest up and feel better!

Mike B in NM said...

Now that is what I expected of you, Dutchman. No less.

We must all embrace the suck.

THIS fight, in OUR time.

Jennifer III said...

Don't worry. Me, WRSA and Cliffs of insanity have been fighting on in your brief absence.

Keep fighting the good fight, and yes your health is part of the good fight Mike!

Let me know if you need a bowl of soup, I think a can would survive the trip but you'll have to have your wife cook it :)

Cybrludite said...

"Welcome back to the fight! This time, I know our side will win." - Victor Lazlo, Casablanca

Dedicated_Dad said...


While I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, the fact is that we're going to need you later ***FAAaaar*** more than we do now.

Think on that for a bit...


Anonymous said...

Continue to rest. Gather your strength. Meditate. Be healed, physically and mentally, as much as your circumstances allow. The Big One is still ahead. We need you.

With thoughts and prayers,
B Woodman

Dan said...

Glad to hear it, Dutchman!
I hope you can stike the balance between self and selflessness, but your words are inspiring, true and needed.
Thank you.

Ahab said...

Oh yeah! Really glad you're feeling better, Mike. I know your physical condition hasn't improved all that much, but your attitude has been adjusted, and that's a good sign. Just be glad your attitude wasn't adjusted with a brick upside the head; but, simply by taking a few deep breaths and getting some O2 into the brain tissue.

We know you're hurting, and all of us would take your pain if we could, gladly spare you the agony. We can't, though. Only give you words of encouragement, and hope it helps. Only you can persevere, we can't do it for you, and we need you with us; so, hang in old dude.

We'll be here, no matter what for "We are Everywhere!"

E said...

A lot of wisdom in "embrace the suck." Your son is very wise.

Glad to see you post, again, but literally, if you need some time off take it. If need be, a trusted friend can relay your thoughts to us. You're a great leader, Mike. I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Your blog has been a true rallying cry in all this chaos. Thank you for not folding from the constant idiocy and poo-flinging from trolls and asshats...your enemies don't deserve the satisfaction of seeing this blog shut down!

Thank you for your strength and perseverance in keeping up with this site even in spite of going through hard times with health and whatnot, most people wouldn't.