Friday, May 14, 2010

Praxis: Emergency protein supplements. "Huajiang dog is better for you than ginseng."

Huajiang puppy paws for lunch.

Notice: In the event of civilization collapse, remember that Chinese astronauts eat dog meat, and find it quite tasty.

(There is a Great Dane running loose in my neighborhood that would feed a family of five for a week or more. And I just happen to have some Korean recipes tucked back somewhere around here.)

Now, don't you wish to put back some more rations now lest you find yourself later looking at Ole Blue with a watering mouth and growling belly?

Sure you do.



Alvie D. Zane said...

So how do you say "here fido" in Mandarin?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, if it gets to the point where I consider eating my dogs, there's nothing left to live for anyway. That's what the last bullet is saved for.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to remember my Korean phrases. I need to study and brush up on this.
One was for beef. The other was for dog. Which is which? Either one, either way, Fido won't understand.
Ke go gi.
Bul go gi.

Both delicious when properly prepared.

B Woodman

Loren said...

There's too many other reasons to take care of feral dogs than food. They won't be as afraid of humans as wild animals, and will be prone to carrying disease. Because they're less afraid, they'll be more likely to approach, and possibly attack. Bad ju-ju to be attacked while trying to sneak.

The problem will get worse for a while when everyone who looses a job turns Fido loose to save money.

Anonymous said...

I watched a special on TV showing two Australian aboriginal women chasing and capturing feral cats for the meat. They then tossed them onto a fire to burn off the hair before skinning and cleaning them and roasting them on the fire. It's hard to stomach something like this but I remember thinking I could do this, dog, cat, whatever. I don't want to do this but I could if that is the only choice left to me.

Uncle Lar said...

There is a rather disturbing passage in Forstchen's "One Second After" where the family dog is sacrificed by a father to save his pregnant daughter's life.
Those who have never experienced true hunger have no idea what people would be willing to do for a meal.

Anonymous said...

Come Here little dog - 来的这里小犬座

Anonymous said...


I guess teriyaki sauce is like BBQ sauce. If you put enough on the food, you can eat anything.

Dakota said...

This is a very important post Mike, and I am glad you did it precisely this way.

I have foods put away everything from protein bars to whole grains like Wheat, Corn, and Hulless oats. A good comprehensive and food bank with depth is a good feeling and it need not cost a lot. I have not bought the fancy pails with film and nitrogen. I bought whole grains from farmers who raised them. Most farmers will sell you a trunk load of grain. Throw a cheap plastic tarp in your trunk and then head fro home and put it in your containers.... hell garbage cans will work.

Wimpy C. Annibal said...

Don't forget everyone's favorite... long pig with soylent green sauce.

Gaviota said...

I ate raw fresh monkey brains in Hong Kong once.

I still have nightmares.

Dennis308 said...

Old chinese proverb; Man can eat anything, if the Sun Shines upon it´s back.
And dog is delicious.
And coon
And etc.
Just wait till your hungry enough.

Glad your feeling better Mike.


Glad your feeling better Mike.

KuernoDeChivo said...

I was wondering if they cracked open a can of sputnik and enjoyed some nice freeze-dried Laika....? Hmm? Definitely not Mountain-House.. haha

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
never mind the dog, 'remember a line by sir Alec G. in "Dr. Zavago" where he tells this young engineer, that during the revolution,"there were children that lived off human flesh...comrade." Dogs, ha! what would PETA say??


PS, if'n it comes down to eatin' dogs, the cockroaches and ants will eat us first!!

Anonymous said...

Well, lets remember that if you end up having to bug out, you are not going to be able to take all that stored food with you. So you are going to have to think about what your alternatives are going to be.

Fortunately, I live out in the desert and have lots of tasty alternatives to choose from: snake, jack rabbit, deer, bighorn sheep, turtles, occasional black bear and ... scrawny ground squirrels. Plenty of plants to make a tasty salad. Of course cactus for hydration.

While it a good idea to have plenty of stored food in your home and even a cache stashed if practicable, learn to live off of your surroundings.

W W Woodward said...

I had a native Hawaiian tell me once, when we were discussing a recipe for baked puppy, that dog meat is pretty good but that your sweat will smell like a wet dog for several days after eating one.


Toastrider said...

Can't argue the overall point, but I don't recommend you cast those eyes in my dogs' direction.

Just sayin'. Besides, a nice fat bureaucrat will last much longer than some skinny feral dog.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post;

"food storage" doesn't have to be a serious thing if you don't feel like sealing up giant drums of beans and rice or spendind $65 on a case of MREs.
Just a few dollars worth of extra stuff to put away every store trip will add up to quite a little pile before you know it.

seeker said...

I'm new to this blog although i've been visiting here every day for a long time and like the articles and comments. I bought food grade
5 gal. buckets with the super seal lids for food storage, dry beans, rice grains etc. I actually had to beat the lids on with a rubber mallet air tight,waterproof and Easy to grab and haul a$$ with. I read an article once about our soldiers in WW11 some of who were suffering from malnutrition because they couldn't eat the same thing day after day. So I try to store a variety. Also Spam when properly stored will last for years and so will canned food.

Happy D said...

I had a friend that referred to dog as "The only food that comes to you when you call it."
Cook extra thoroughly Dog can be more dangerous than middle eastern pork.

Do not eat cat until you are out of other options. If its bad enough that Fido made it to the dinner plate you will soon have a rat problem. Rat by the way is supposed to be tasty. Cook thoroughly.

As for me I am off to Sam's club for a case of SPAM.

Dan Galena said...

Tastes like chicken.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this will quell the Kung Pao Kitty jokes...