Sunday, May 9, 2010

Praxis: Two Brief Tips -- Socks and Straps.

From Pete at WRSA: Two Brief Tips.

One, from David, based on authoritative experience.

Two, from a friend today -- simply combine the standard USGI utility strap:

with the standard USGI .30 caliber ammo can:

Clip one end of the strap to one of the handle attachment rings, then repeat on the other side of the can with the other strap clip.

Try it with a loaded ammo can, and you too will be a convert.

Here's another view of the utility strap.

Also, if I may remind readers of the Universal Load Carrying Sling from a Praxis post last December, Mission Loads -- Sustaining Light Infantry on "Shank's Mare."

You can carry two ammo cans with it, as well as other nifty stuff.


Dakota said...

I don't know about anyone else, but if I have to hump ammo the can goes and the bando's go either over my shoulder or in the rucksack. I don't have any MGs or know anyone that has one so belted ammo is a non issue.

I can see the practicality of the cans for storage etc .... I just don't see humping the extra weight. I have been experimenting with a bicycle for moving heavy equipment and bulky items. I think they make pretty good sense in at least most applications.

Anonymous said...

On the socks, I also highly recommend the WigWam brand and in particular the 40 Below model sock for those in colder climates. Cushion, 50%wool,48%nylon,2%spandex.
I wear them daily with Danner boots and they are great.
They come in black,navy,charcoal,olive,walnut brown,grey and grey twist.

Anonymous said...

For those like me who have problems with sythetic fabics, I can strongly recommend the Red Wing brand of tube-type cotton socks. I started buying and wearing them 20 years ago and have a few pair that are going on six years. 'Course I change them every day... And these have been worn from far northern Canada to Saudi Arabia.