Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Reconquista" is just a "myth," right?

Well, that's what SPLC says anyway.

So, how inconvenient this must be for Potok & Co.


APatientMan said...

I've heard two different stories about this vid. One is that it is recent and the other that it is from 2007.
Either way it should be a wake up call to those who have never seen it. It was to me.

Grumpyunk said...

To the SPLC and their fellow travelers this doen't matter in the least.

Potok & Co will simply deny the existence of such things and continue sending out those fund raising letters and spewing the same old BS on MSNBC, CNN, etc.

They have a mission and nothing as inconsequential as this direct refutation, from the horses mouth, is gonna change that.

"Move along. Nothing to see here."

Dakota said...

This video clip needs to be seen by everyone that we can get to watch it. I have been predicting widespread violence in the streets when the Immigration Reform bill gets debated in the news and streets of America.

I am sure that the news media will come down on the side of the illegals. It will be the Patriots, Tea Baggers, and G W Bush's fault. This is not going to get easy folks ... the stage is set for martial law around Sept or Oct I figure.

Anonymous said...

Just hard working people who want to do the jobs Americans won't do. Not racist. Not nasty tea party! Just La Raza working for the good of all people. Why would SPLC be concerned? It's not as though illegals kill 3,000 people a year in this country. By the way how many people has the tea party killed?

Anonymous said...

Someone verify this, I believe this is Ronald Gochez, a HISTORY teacher at Santee H.S :

Dennis308 said...

I live on the Texas,Mexico border and My Wife(Mexican)and I have property on both sides of the river. I Speak Spanish very well in fact it is the language inside our home.
And the attitude by a very large Minority of Mexicans is that most of the Southwest U.S.A. from Texas to California up to Oregon and back east to Oklahoma. In other words all of the lands that where lost by Mexico in the Texas Revolution and in the Mexican American War is Really still part of Mexico and that the Anglo Americans Stole All This Land From Them.And they Really do have every Justifiable right to be here,Or in some cases they are using this excuse to Justify their being here.
Now after that it gets a little bit confusing because the Latino People that are living in the U.S have no desire to become part of Mexico again.But the Mexican People would like to have all this Land back but are aware that they can not take it by force.
Now you have to Understand that the History that is or was taught in the U.S. is NOT the Same History that is taught in Mexico. The Mexican children are not taught that ¨El Presidente¨ Santa Anna Cancelled the Mexican Constitution and became a Military Dictator and broke the Settlement Contracts with the Texan settlers both Anglo and Hispanic.Thus provoking the Texas Revolution.
Now all of this really has nothing to do with this Asshole Teacher spewing the Communist Bull Shit to the students at this Immigration Rally.Except that the Communists use and promote the IDEA that the Anglos stole their homeland from them.And the Organizations like ¨La Raza¨and ¨Sin Froneras¨have been heavily Infiltrated by Communist Revolutionary's since there inceptions.
So of course Potok and the rest of the Collectivist/Socialist idiots will not see or acknowledge
the Radical Agenda of these Organizations because it is to like there own,or so they believe.


John said...

I went to the SPLC site and read the blog post. Then I noticed the subtitle of the blog, Hatewatch, is "Keeping an Eye of the Radical Right." At least Avlon in his book "Wingnuts" had the decency to acknowledge both sides have a lunatic fringe.

I did a couple of Google searches on SPLC's web site. First I searched for the phrase "right wing hate" and got pages of results. Then I searched for "left wing hate" and got one page of results, but that phrase was found only in comments made by readers.

Color me surprised.

Anonymous said...

So, how come the Hutaree are in prison for alleged revolutionary statements, and this guy is still walking free?

idahobob said...

I've got three words for these communist ass clowns:

Chinga La Raza!!!!


Jimmy the Saint said...

@Dakota: "It will be the Patriots, Tea Baggers, and G W Bush's fault."

A lot of blame can be fairly laid at the feet of George "See you at the [amnesty] signing" Bush. He and Rove launched the hispandering platform. It yielded very short- term electoral success, but it is a long-term disaster.

Capt45 said...

This stuff has been going on since at least 1966 when Jose Angel Gutierrez helped create "La Raza Unida" on the campus of St. Mary's Univ in San Antonio. He then went to UT Austin where he got a bully pulpit. His co-hort there was "Alurista" (just google his name) who was my prof the fall of 1974. They've been touting the 'reconquista', and trying to sell the myth of Aztlan since at least 1972. For the SPLC to insist there is no such thing is simply a bald faced lie.

Mecha, La Raza, et al are loud mouthed organizations full of sound and fury - but I won't go so far as to say they signify nothing.

I don't know what will happen when "Machete" debuts, but I understand the trailer was changed to specifically target Arizona.

The trailer alone totally refutes SPLC's propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...they can try.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I hope they're smarter than that...

I hope...

Then again, ...

Ah, never mind.

Anonymous said...

What does it matter whose flag is flying over the Southwestern US? As a freedom-lover you're supposed to be cooking up ways to reject the collectivist rule of the majority. What does it matter who the majority is composed of? If a freedom-expanding scheme works, it will work regardless of which culture the collectivist majority has.

Anonymous said...

There is one more important point about all that land in the Southwest that Mexico claims as theirs: Prior to the Spanish conquest of Mexico very few "natives" who lived in the part of the world we now think of as Mexico ever strayed up into the land we now think of as the USA. I agree, no well defined border but the American "natives" were not friendly to the "native" population from the South. It wasn't until the Spanish with their superior weapons arrived that Spain/Mexico conquered the Southwest and killed or enslaved may of the Indians who lived there. In other words they stole the land! True, they stole it before we stole it from them but it still changes the arguement in a significant way. By the way, the "natives" living in the Southwest (and all of the Americas) at the time of Columbus stole the land from "natives" who had lived there before them. There were multiple immigrations of "natives" from Asia into the Americas and in each case the new immigrant displaced (killed) the older immigrants. Arguably we are/were all foriegners to this land and our only claim to them is our willingness to defend that claim.

Dennis308 said...

You are exactly correct Anon. 5/11@07:05 but explain that to
¨La Raza¨and company but be ready for a fight if you try.
It´s not the land it´s self that they want but a communist society where they are the ruling fraction of their Party.
And if the Southwest is going to be part of the restored U.S.A there will HAVE TO BE A PURGING of this train of thought from our country.
I don´t mean for this to sound like I am the one being Racist but it is they(La Raza etc.) who will not Tolerate us or our customs and way of life.But not all of the Latino´s or Texano´s so it would be very to tell friend from foe.


Anonymous said...

The thing to keep in mind is that most of the folks that come here are expecting government entitlements. They won't get that if they make this a new Mexican country. If they wanted to live under a Mexican government they would of stayed in Mexico.

Now, if there is a cessation of government entitlements, then watch out.