Monday, May 31, 2010

Beneath the veneer of every white Hollywood "liberal" . . .

there lies a racist. Not to mention the double standard of the state-run media in dealing with it.


Anonymous said...

Yet another voice I happily ignore.

Anonymous said...

THIS is HUMOR??!! Maybe to a Big City Left Coast Lib, but not to me.
All I can say & think is W--T--F!!
If anyone else remotely conservative (i.e., to the right of Maher) had uttered the same thing, the MSM and everyone else liberal would be up in arms over that statement.
As it is, all we have to speak is the truth about the Constitution, Big Gubbment, overspending, over taxing, over entitlements, and all the other excesses therein, and the Libtard Left have kittens and cows over such mild statements. It's not like we're calling for a Revolution (yet).
But this . . . .this . . . asinine attempt at juvenile humor (chirp . . chirp . . chirp). Ahhhhh, the blessed Sounds of Silence. Thanks, Paul and Art.

B Woodman

Dennis308 said...

Oh My gosh is that Bill Maher stereotyping Obuma well he aught to be HANGED the Freakin Racist Pig......LOL
and using profanity to boot.


ParaPacem said...

That snivelling bastard ( the white one, that is, Maher ) has never been amusing, talented or even interestign as a person. I can only imagine that he stays on TV by giving some type of deviate personal attention to someone in 'the biz'.
As for his comments - yes, it is hilarious to think of how the MSM would crap their panties if, say, Tom Selleck or Gary Sinese were to appear on TV and say, "Yo, muthaf**ahs, whut up?"
Not that either of those staunchly conservative and RKBA gentlemen would be so utterly low class as to even consider such a thing.
But then, I never expect anything less than the banality of the perverse and obscene, when verbiage spews like stale vomit from the leech-like mouths of the hollywood liberals. And that is even moreso when the source is a knee-walking smegmaphile like maher.

Anonymous said...

this smarmy asshole pawns himself off as a libertarian.

He is a leftist, big mommy take of me government type.

Yeah where is the outrage over this schtick?

tyrantsbane said...

Typical of a limousine liberal...I like Jon's Rx suggestion; has that method been approved by the FDA yet?

Rhodes said...

This guy is the reason I canceled HBO, I will NOT support this pos or his ilk in any voluntary fashion.

Anonymous said...

Mahrer is honestly the posterchild for why we are in such a screwed up mess in this country.

Anonymous said...

We 'Three' don't need no stinking FDA "approval"!

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed his "Religulous" film...that was the first time I'd seen or heard of the guy, and I was disapointed at how completely unfunny his shows, stand up and lame political jokes turned out to be when I looked him up after seeing said movie.