Sunday, May 30, 2010

King Cuomo the Second.

"The community advocate and radio host Curtis Sliwa dressed as 'King Cuomo II' at the New York State Democratic convention. To his left, a woman he called 'Lady Godiva' threw satin flower petals into the air."

The video. What a hoot.

The NYT coverage.

Excellent guerrilla theater.


Brian K Miller said...

Nice! I love it!

Anonymous said...

The Left learned the value of guerrilla theater long ago, but Conservatives, being far more reserved and concerned with their dignity, have always eschewed such tactics, and we continue to lose. The Greeks and Romans made great use of ridicule and satire to damage political opponents, and we don't. We need to go back to the classics.

Anonymous said...

Sarcasim can be the greatest weapon!

ParaPacem said...

And it is good to see that Sliwa still has balls.
Met him back when the Guardian Angels were first getting noticed. Thank God he hasn't 'mellowed'.

Anonymous said...

Curtis Sliwa is an interesting character in the New York City metro area. Founded the Guardian Angels, survived multiple attempts on his life (was actually shot a few times if I remember correctly), and he's got a conservative (by New York standards) radio show.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and he also gave Charles Schumer the nickname "The Schlepper, Chucky 'Cheese' Schumer." People in the New York area actually refer to him as such and apparently this infuriates him and he hates Sliwa on a personal level for it.