Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm with David on this one.

For the same reason that an incompetent Jihadi who happens to be a naturalized American citizen ought to have his rights respected and not revoked on a whim, Senator Lieberman..


Allen said...

a guy that was "on the inside" that got caught up in the web his department spun to trap "the rest of us" is probably the guy we should put up front and center.

he would definitely be a credible witness for our side.

he'd definitely not be as good as Wilson Blair, but it should help us...

DC Wright said...

I have to agree after reading his column. If we try to deny respect for the rights of those we loathe, we are setting ourselves up for having OUR rights abrogated by the self-same scumsuckers!

Knuck said...


Anonymous said...

I guess it's the right thing to stick up for this guy, but I'm not jumping up and down doing so.

I would bet that one of the first things this guy said as he realized the cops were coming down on him was "I'm FBI, Im FBI."

(read: "I'm an 'only one,' I'm an 'only one' like you guys".)

Ahab said...

Extremely left liberal Joe Lieberman leaves the Democrite (that's the combined word form for hypocrite and Democrat) Party when they pick another Dem to fill his seat, a guy that paid a lot of money for the opportunity. He, Joe, becomes an "Independent" and wins re-election. Does that mean Joe is not a left liberal anymore?

Of course not!

Joe Lieberman is still Joe Lieberman, ultra left liberal. Whatever he says is guided by politics, not what is right, or what is wrong. Joe still panders to the left, and today, the left wants to show everyone they're "everyman." We're the good guys because we want to respect his rights.

Remember the December bomber! They wanted to respect his rights too (I'm still asking what rights, he's not a citizen); so, they read him the Miranda warning, and he clammed up. They're trying to show they're consistent. What a laugh!

In this case, Shazam confessed. He did it! What more do you need? Send him to Gitmo, try him by Military Tribunal tomorrow morning, and then take him out back and shoot him in the head. We don't have to prove we're the good guys when war is being brought to us. What part of "we're being waged war against" don't these idiots understand?

Jennifer III said...

There's more to the story. This is all just part of the wider abuse of gun owners in El Paso and Southern New Mexico. The ATF even found some Fudds to team up with.

Feel free to use the 'Don't Lie' graphic at the bottom of the post :)

I've been lurking for a while, your post about mom sending the husband out for militia duty inspired me to get involved, so now I'm posting at least once a day to help get the word out.