Thursday, May 20, 2010

I wonder what REALLY happened here.

And I doubt we ever will.


Crustyrusty said...

WTF... I was Security Forces for 20 years and never once saw a Fibbie "liaison" or anything else like that the whole time I was in.

Anonymous said...

You're right. The whole thing stinks like last week's unwashed diapers.
Especially the FBI agent who just "happened" to be there to assist?
Unfortunately the story from the other side is now on "the other side".

B Woodman

Dakota said...

Not sure what it means and it would be an accident if we found out.

Military bases seem to be the scenes of many strange things. A year or so ago I went to the gate of an Air Force base and the guard, (in the new tiger stripe A F BDUs) and carrying an M4 answered a couple of questions for me. I noticed that he had a Sheriffs Office patch on and asked him about it. He answered that they were contracted by the A F for security work. Hmmmm why would the military need help or want to have a civilian L E O doing security on a military base?

Cpt. Malcolm Reynolds said...

BTW - do you wonder why the MSM even prints something like this? To what end?
An unspecified event involving unnamed persons happened in the course of an undescribed dispute concerning unmentioned subject matter. One of my pet peeves.

straightarrow said...

Not buying it. The FBI has committed crimes of murder before and lied about it. I have seen nothing since 1993 that would encourage me to believe a damn thing they said, and especially when a story smells as fishy as this one.

Anonymous said...

"Hmmmm why would the military need help or want to have a civilian L E O doing security on a military base?"

This is the normal state of affairs on many military bases these days.

They never know when their security forces will be deployed to fill gaps in Iraq or Afghanistan, so they employ civilians to secure the bases.

It makes even more sense for them to offer work to off-duty LE officers; they're already trained and vetted, and don't mind the extra pay.

Anonymous said...

As Dakota said, As a former Grunt and Recon Marine with 7 yrs in, I went to visit my sister and brother in law at Pearl Harbor about 10 yrs ago. He's an O-3 in subs and we drive through the west gate to the small boat area. At the gate is a female p.o.s. in a set of baggy, dirty, oversize woodland cammies and I about had a stroke. I asked my squid family member what the fuck was that I just saw. WHERE ARE THE MARINES? He informed me the admiral had hired local rent a cops and put the in cammies so they would look tougher. And we wonder about base security???? 0321