Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey, gang, it's SHOWTIME! Like a rotting corpse at last floating to the surface, ATF's management scandals finally get some press attention.

This just in simultaneously from CPT R.A. Bear and CPT Jonathan Tuttle.

ATF UNDER FIRE - Anderson Cooper 360, Wed. May 26 and Thurs. May 27, (Two part story) in your respective time zone. There will also be a Print media version on CNN.Com when the show airs and will be open to comments.

My comment?

This is no surprise to those of us who have been actively paying attention.



Anonymous said...

Well, the folks at are going apeshit over the prospect of critical media attention on ATF. I haven't seen the teasers, so I don't know if the tone of them supports such optimism.

Mike, what gives you or them reason to even hope that mainstream media will mount a meaningful attack on bureau corruption during an Obama administration? It would be great to see, but since when does CNN do anything that might favor gun owners or the gun industry?

Thanks for what you do, sir. My prayers for your improving health.

Anonymous said...

Yeah . . .
Considering it's CNN & MSNBC, let's see what's really covered, and how hard it's covered.
I ain't holding my breath.

B Woodman

Longbow said...

Repeal the National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act, and ATF will be obsolete. There will be no mission for that agency. It's members can go find productive jobs in the REAL economy, and thus contribute to society.

Anonymous said...

Actually Longbow, I disagree. They would still be chasing after tobacco, alcohol and explosives.

Dennis308 said...

With holding comment and opinion until I see some action.

¨In God We Trust¨....

Like most people here I have very little trust in ANY Mainstream Media Propaganda.