Saturday, March 1, 2014

Not a bad idea for folks in CT.

“Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience and are left to the common refuge, which God hath provided for all men, against force and violence.” ~ John Locke, 2nd Treatise on Government.
A reader writes:
I think that the next obvious step in Connecticut is for you to encourage patriotic CT residents to use that list of legislators to lobby them for a repeal of CT gun laws. Each one looks for the closest legislators and makes a point to stop by on Sunday, knock on the door, and tell their legislator that they would like to see a full repeal of CT gun laws.
Obviously they should go unarmed as the police will probably try to hassle them. Having a gun will be used as evidence of ill intent. Remind them to smile, give a firm handshake, look the legislator straight in the eye and say, "I'd really appreciate it if you'd reconsider your opinions on Connecticut firearms laws and vote for a full repeal." Having a copy of your list in their hands would be a plus. Having a printed letter asking for gun law repeal would work well, as many of these legislators will be hiding behind their wives and children.
The predictable effects of this would be that legislators would go into colonic spasms as citizens came to them to lobby. Also, the police would be immediately overstretched providing security to non-existent threats. And the unpredictable effects would be interesting to see.
Don't mean to teach you your own game, but in case no one had thought of this feel free to use it. I'm glad we have you willing to stand up. The willingness to clearly explain the consequences to people make those consequences less likely. And we'd all just like to live in peace.
This is not a bad idea and if I were in the CCDL, I would take this opportunity to redouble their efforts along these lines. You may say it is a waste, but I would make two points:
First, we must -- we have a moral duty to -- use every peaceful way to avoid violence right up to the moment they open fire on innocent civilians. Second, having now been sensitized by the heroic non-compliance of fully 85% of the Connecticut firearm owners that they blithely assumed would roll over, some of them may be ready to modify their behavior.
Personally, I think that they recognize that this is a zero sum game -- if they back down in CT they will have to admit defeat everywhere. Connecticut is the key. The only question is do they blink? Or is somebody going to have to die?
Looking at someone in the face when they are forced to explain tjeir attack on the liberty and property of the citizenry -- being forced, in their presence, to admit the essential humanity of their intended victims -- would be interesting.  This would not be a disembodied voice from Alabama, but real humans who are their neighbors.  And letting them know that you are working from my list, well, that goes back to Dr. Johnson's prescription that "Nothing concentrates the mind so wonderfully as the prospect of being hung in the morning."  A little reminder about John Locke's sentiments above wouldn't be a bad idea, either.


Anonymous said...

Very good idea, however, probably won't work. When the Journal News published an interactive map of Westchester County, NY pistol permit holders, retired LEOs were hired to stand guard outside the homes of the newspaper's senior staff in order to keep protesters away. I'm sure the cowardly legislators in CT would do no less.

Oblio13 said...

I went to the Connecticut Department of Corrections website. There are currently 16,594 incarcerated inmates in the state. It costs $96 per day per inmate to shelter and feed them. That's $35,040 per year per inmate.

For the sake of the discussion, let's say there are 50,000 patriots in Connecticut who refused to line up and register like sex offenders. The state would have to triple it's prison population and spend an additional $1.75 billion just to warehouse them. That doesn't count the cost of convicting them, building more prisons to put them in, or the tax revenue that would be lost when productive citizens were removed from the workforce.

Connecticut can't do it. Without voluntary compliance, registration will not work, and citizens will lose even more respect for their leaders and the rule of law, and ignore other edicts as well. The Governor and the legislature have painted themselves into a corner.

Connecticut will use the "execute one, educate a thousand" philosophy and make a few examples, hoping to intimidate the rest into submission.

We are about to find out what we are made of. We will hang together or hang separately.

Anonymous said...

The premise that good faith only works for people who have a conscience and moral character. The swine who passed these laws have no moral character and do not operate in good faith. They get their marching orders from "The Party" and conduct themselves without any concern for the state or federal constitutions. If the Patriots have not registered their arms by now they are not going to regardless of any extensions or repeals. The next thing the state will do is tax those who have registered their arms.

Anonymous said...

What do these people tell their children? "We can't have these citizens coming by to tell me, their representative what they think"? "Citizens are potentially dangerous."? "People are angry because news....some nut in AL....tea party terrorists....gun nuts...but not me"?

I think there will be police all over every rep's home and no one will get near them, but if you can see them do remember these people are teaching their kids to be tyrants. Be a good example of a polite, dignified free man or woman.

Unknown said...

Never take your eyes off of the union bosses who will make out like fat cats should the state begin its unlawful confiscation of arms.
The union bosses will stand to make a pretty penny from new prison construction and other items that will be thrown their way to snitch on those who refuse to back down. The union bosses, for the most part, are Marxist sympathizers who will do the bidding of the tyrants away from orders to the Police and whatever governmental agency that will stupidly commit hari-kari against the American people.
Unions and the union bosses cannot be trusted, although there may be those individual members who can be.

bloodyspartan said...

You namby pamby folks make me cry, you actually believe that oh be nice like the Movie Road House is going to do any thing.

NOT. What do they FEAR? Besides losing their power seats.

They Are Killing us.
They have sent the Brits to confiscate the weapons all be it one at a time.

YOU cannot stop them by anything other than prayer or lead.

Not enough folks left to pray.

So that leaves us WIth give them an Ultimatum like the have done to us.

Same as I tell cops , come for my weapons and we kill each other.

YOUR CHOICE, not min.

WE are way past the Revolutionary War Scenarios.

More Americans dead than Iraq vets, PC corrupting the Armed Forces and Coppers.

They are engaged when do we?

Come to LI NY I have tons of stuff , or help me get out of here and give me a large storage bin to store me and my stuff and wake me when it is time.

Call me when you decide yes it is time to restore the Republic, but first Clean House.

Ed said...

radgro and"The only question is do they blink? Or is somebody going to have to die?"

As we have seen with Prohibition and the "war" on marijuana, the answer to the latter question is "Yes".

As to the former question, they are blinking quickly right now.

Anonymous said...

At some point, some Americans will have to choose between death and submission. This fact should not be shied away from, but acknowledged and accepted -- because that day will come, and when the first Americans are slain, those who remain will be faced with a choice. Some will submit. Our goal should be to rally as many as we can to stand firm beforehand, so that as many as possible will do so on that great and terrible day.

Anonymous said...

still important to let them know we know who they are and their address

Alan W. Mullenax said...

Oh, for Christ's sake. Really? The first blow has been struck already and it was by them. And you wanna "talk" to them?

At this point, that's fucked up.

Anonymous said...

CT will simmer for a while longer. The real thing is what happens with New York. I believe their deadline is April 1st. If that is correct these two will stack up against one another.

And continue to simmer. Both grouos of Government "officials" will continue to try and figure out what to do. Each hoping the other moves first.

Then you will have a coupe of poor saps that get pulled over and caught and arrested. Maybe a couple are from out of state.

Then will the State act or cower? Will some tin horn Chief thinks it is up to him to enforce the law? Will some Major at the State highway Patrol decide to look up a couple of people? Will they decide to take them down, on their way to work away from their home to make examples of them and have them and a few others sit in cells to make a point of them?

To early to tell. But this doesn't look like it ends well.

Anonymous said...

I suggest a list be created of all the CT State Police facilities be created. If a confiscation happens perhaps the nearest CT State Police barracks would be worthwhile pinpointing and generally broadcasting.

Dakota said...

What Oblio13 said.... especially,"We are about to find out what we are made of. We will hang together or hang separately".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Alan. Let's start bumping off everyone from the dog catcher to the Guv'ner on the premise of a threat.

How you win is just as important as winning. Let's not go and loose the mandate from heaven because we are getting all antsy in the pantsy over a letter.

bloodyspartan said...

Damn Right the Dog catcher has to go considering he lives in a Million Dollar Home and I get to guard him.

He also has a choice.

But a Million dollar home on a DOG CATCHERS salary.

OH maybe 3/4 mill.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this is going to be needed in MN too! See

How does one get into contact with Mike and start the ball rolling?

Jim Klein said...

"First, we must -- we have a moral duty to -- use every peaceful way to avoid violence right up to the moment they open fire on innocent civilians."

Hmm...that's a drop ambiguous, since surely it's moral to abandon peaceful means the moment before.

That's the big question, eh---how long is a moment?

Anonymous said...

a very interesting writeup on a very sensitive matter. it should be known to all that the very first "gun-control" law was passed in 1927, by a liberal congress, and they have used the exact same running banter for almost a century.
A very close reading and study of Our Constitution should inform all persons interested that it is WE, The People, that tell the government what laws are to be written, and it is up to the government to facilitate and fund any and all laws, or provisions of laws, for the common good of the people. In other words, to make a very long story much more condensed, ALL gun control laws,and/or prohibitions, are completely against the Constitution , of the Republic, of the United States of America. 'Nuff Said!

Anonymous said...

What this illicit government is wanting to do is: beat down Americans into total submission. They maintain that posture while demanding: "You will obey or else"! Duh... I don't think so. I really don't believe they have the stomach for this level of action. Action they will bring down upon themselves. When they realize their firewalls are penetrated, and they are flaccid, then the matter will be resolved. Until then expect a lot of bantering about, chest thumping etc. ... but all for naught in the end. In the end the good people prevail... as they always have throughout history. This time will be no different. But be certain, those persons responsible for this will go down in history as another Hitler...another Stalin. They will be eternally disgraced as well as their families and alliances. And, for those certain State personnel... do what you must to get by but DO NOT CROSS THAT LINE that you already know is drawn into the American soil. Into the very mind and soul of Americans who never back down like dogs.

Anonymous said...

How does one get the ball rolling?

Rule One: Stand on your own two feet!

Rule Two: Do not rely upon anyone else to save YOU.

Rule Three: Refer to Rule One.


SH said...

I've also been saying just heckle them whenever you see them in public. Not at campaign events. At the grocery store, the gas station, the movies, a restaurant. No threats; just call them out as out of control legislators who are a disgrace.

Being a social pariah gets old.

Anonymous said...

The first commenter wrote, "Very good idea, however, probably won't work"

It doesn't matter. Can you imagine the news coverage? Can you imagine the tyrants' panic?

I live in CT and I refused to register my guns and magazines.