Monday, March 3, 2014

For our many new readers: Welcome to the smuggling party. What you can do to help. "They (CT firearm resisters) are the heroes. Not me."

We have roughly tripled our number of daily hits since the open letters (see here and here) and the list of CT tyrants came out -- and that's without ANY "mainstream media" coverage whatsoever.
A number of new readers have written in asking what they can do. For example, this letter from North Carolina:
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Sent: Sun, Mar 2, 2014 9:23 pm
Subject: The buddy system
I recently saw news of your open letter to CT legislators on, and wondered if there was anything that folks like me in the 'free' states (pardon the expression) could do to help patriots who need someone to hold on to 'terror' magazines (hi-capacity 10+). I had thought of some kind of a 'buddy system' where folks in hi-cap-friendly states could hold mags until the folks up in CT could either move to a friendly state or the law is overturned. I'm in North Carolina, but I know there must be folks in other states who would surely be happy to help. I'm late to the party, so maybe this has already been discussed? I just saw your blog today and will be reading more over the next few days.
Best regards,
I replied to John:
We have been smuggling in good, combat-effective magazines ("freedom fighter grade") since last April into CT, CO, NY, MD and now, New Jersey. We also take defective magazines ("politician grade") and send them to various anti-gun politicos with the notation that there is nothing they can do to stop the law-breaking. If you would like to donate any magazines of either type -- or to solicit such donations from folks in your area -- I'll do my best to see that they get to where they need to be. A suggestion would be to view my speech on the statehouse steps last April and circulate it, if you find it worthy. It can be found here:
Mike Vanderboegh
The smuggling as an expression of our nationwide defiance of these unconstitutional laws needs to continue. Later today, I'm going to send one to our favorite "I am the master" spokesman of CT state police with suitable sentiment attached. If you would like to assist in our little smuggling party, you may send magazines of either grade to my attention via USPS to PO Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126. If you find UPS or FedEx more convenient, send to 6635 Womack Road, Pinson, AL 35126. Please indicate on the magazine or the note enclosed with it what grade it is. And remember, if you're sending "freedom fighter grade" mags, make sure they work. Someone behind enemy lines just may be betting his life on it one day soon. Some folks prefer to buy new magazines and have them shipped direct to me, and that's cool -- the boys and girls really love those MagPuls. If you don't want to mess with magazines, but still want to help, contribute a bit to the postage and "carrying charges" (literally in the case of freedom fighter grade) by sending cash, check or money order to PO Box 926. Just remember to make them out to Mike Vanderboegh, as my credit union doesn't recognize "Sipsey Street," "George Mason" (from my email address), "Dutchman 6" or "The Smuggler." You may also donate voluntary subscription money using the PayPal button on the upper right tool bar.
I also received this one, written under the false impression given by some of the Internet reporting that I am from CT. I am not, of course, but there are many Three Percenters in Connecticut and they are taking risks every day that I do not face. Chris writes:
We are proud of you men in Connecticut that are standing your ground against rogue officials in liberal mind sets. I read the Conservative News websites on how you are standing on Constitutional ground, and I know those first patriot farmers at Concord would invite you to sup with them.
I'm sending all this news that the masses-of-asses media won't report, to all my contacts, and they in turn are forwarding as well. The politicians forget that there are still principled men in America and I am proud to say you Connecticut gentlemen are of that caliber.
We watch and wait here in my home state, Texas.
May God bless and strengthen you
Chris REDACTED, Texas
I replied:
Thanks for the kind words, but although there are many Three Percenters in CT I am not one of them. I live in Alabama. I will pass them on to the men and women behind enemy lines.
Mike Vanderboegh
"Behind enemy lines." Day by day, that becomes an ever truer description of where these brave 85% of CT firearm owners are sitting. THEY are the ones running the real risks, remember that. Every volunteer who smuggles a magazine or even accepts one from a friend commits a felony, every one who just keeps what he or she has and looks at it with defiance and resolve as it sits in the closet -- AND DARES THEIR PUTATIVE "MASTERS" TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT -- well, that's guts. That's principle. Keep them in your prayers as this confrontation plays out. They are real people with real families who just want to be left alone. They are the heroes. Not me. I'm just a scribbler.


Anonymous said...

Mike, you being "out of state" makes you the perfect "scribbler". The power drunk zealots from the offending states have zero authority over you. No ability to fool with yer property or vehicle or other various "legal" situations.

You are exposing the weakness in the underbelly of the beast. It is my hope that others recognize the wisdom you demonstrate - that which our founders laid out for us.

When We the People stick together and stick up for one another, the bully that is "government" is forced into second seat - where it belongs.

Shawn McEwen said...

Mike, dare I say that scribblers at times do more damage than shooters, although many are willing to swing both ways... and I think that number is growing these days. If it were not for a fiercely, and expertly waged propaganda war conducted in Europe during the first battles of the Revolutionary War, that conflict may have been short lived indeed!

At this point, the sharks smell blood in the water and will stop at nothing to chew liberty to bits. Folks like you, the Non Conformists in the ban states, and those who support them are the only defense liberty has, and I have it on good authority that sharks fear firearms.

Also, I'm expecting a mag delivery today. I will be sending them on with haste.


Anonymous said...

To you and all the other "Tree Top Flyers"