Sunday, March 23, 2014

Before It's Disinformation: Purveying Disinformational BS as News.

I don't know what their motivation is, but this, entitled "Connecticut Gun Grab In Full Effect. Media Gag Ordered, Communications are being tampered with. RED ALERT," is disinformational bullshit. There is more going on it CT than the state government is admitting and the state-run media is reporting, but my sources say this is crap. No names, no locations, no ability for anyone independent to confirm or deny. Don't believe it. There is too much on the line in CT to jump at shadows because of disinformation.
LATER: I left a comment on the post to that effect. It is awaiting moderation. We'll see if it is deleted.


Anonymous said...

...we all have to be very careful of the media and the supposed "alternative" media such as BEFORE ITS NEWS, as they do not hesitate to publish lies and disinformation, sensational as it is to further their cause. Even though they have been warned that John Moore and Greg Evenson are posers , no matter they still refer to them as "Green Berets" and they ARE NOT....neither ! do not be sparked to action at the wrong time in the wrong place by bogus news stories...they and we shale have our time...............
"nous defions"

Anonymous said...

Beforeitsnews is nothing but a conspiracy nut-job site.

Around Christmas time they posted this story about some Abrams tanks supposedly discovered abandoned in the woods.

Strictly for entertainment purposes, here was my response when someone posted the link on Facebook:

Conspiracy theory website posts a letter from some random guy to another conspiracy theorist about some dudes who are 'well seasoned' (but unnamed, of course) backpackers, who are apparently experts in feng shui forensics, but don't carry phones with built in still and video cameras like everyone else in the first world (who knows...maybe being 'well seasoned' backpackers, they are also into only 'natural' stuff and are luddites as well...cuz, you know, their backpacks are made only from the finest beaver pelts that they weaved together with wild vines all by themselves).

Cuz you know, they said that there were no tracks, and the anonymous letter writer, apparently a forensic scientist by proxy, determined that it HAD to be airlifted in. And it was 'too clean' according to the backpackers, so Mr. Anonymous brilliantly concludes it can't have been there long. Mr. Anonymous must also be a military expert because he's able to decipher the real reason the military would f'n ABANDON an Abrams tank in the middle of nowhere just so they could AIRLIFT the fricken' thing to a highway 10 minutes away by air to block a highway into the mountains. Yes, absolutely. Because I would definitely abandon a multi-million dollar piece of military equipment which has such amazing new camouflage that two random hikers are not only able to just bump into it, but a guy they know who writes anonymous letters is able to decipher the grand plan of the NWO.

For bonus points, a random file photo of tanks lined up in a row, with tank operators at the controls (and apparently don't mind having their pictures taken, despite the super-secret Illuminati NWO mission being exposed as a result) is tagged to the story.

Dude. I'm a gun rights absolutist, a constitutionalist, a minarchist, a prepper. I believe there *will* be civil war, if societal, economic, or governmental collapse doesn't come first. It will be hell. There will be attempts at martial law. There's enough real shit going on. Jackwagons who write such tripe as this article only distract from the real shit.

Another great comment by "Saber" at the site of the original article:
an Abrams CANNOT be lifted by any one single helicopter. And why drop one on a mountain switchback??? If they needed any weaponry at that altitude… they would move in an artillery battery.
Another Steve Quayle article… My best friends uncles bosses sister who has a friend in China wrote me a letter…

Anonymous said...

Sounds like psyops, disinformation, false flag, and an attempt to both flush out the friendly opfor, and provoke a Krystallnacht.

B Woodman

Sam Manila said...

Unfortunately, in this day and age, all but a few news sources are filled with disinformation. The Sipsey Street Irregulars is one of the very few that can be counted as factual. We are in a time warp in 1930s Nazi Germany and the only differences are the language and our precious arms and ammo.

Christian Patriot III said...

From nearly every observation I have had the misfortune to make of Before It's News, it is pretty much a direct publish, open blog for just about anyone to post anything to. It is typified by poorly documented, unsourced, or grammatically challenged documents.

When this happens for real I fully expect the tyrants in CT to announce the effectiveness of their first "made necessary by resistance" raid and all the evil guns it turned up. Thy will non hesitate to use any such event to their advantage, or so they will assume, as a warning to others. I also expect people using real, verifiable names to post what they know when it goes down.

Anything without a real name attached an no verifiable details should be considered agitation disinformation, likely being issued to provoke a reaction.

CzarChasm said...

There are sites I avoid like the plague, and BIN is one, along with Infowars and RT. There are several others I read when a link is put in front of me, but take with several grains of salt. There have been so many instances of hyperbole, outright lies and half-truths posted as truth that I've been able to suss out for myself, that once that happens, I just refuse to even click links to them anymore after that. I did make an exception this time and clicked through to BIN, and I swear, I could've aped that piece myself and been pretty darned accurate, so predictable was "Prime's" BS.

Your comment still wasn't there Mike, but someone did mention Sipsey Street Irregulars as "...the heart of this matter..." and went on to give a good tongue-lashing for all the hype. The other readers there were apparently not moved though, as that commenter scored a -5 for his comment.

Readers here who are active on other forums need to watch for this coming up so it can be debunked forthwith. Or maybe even post a preemptive debunking.

Shawn McEwen said...

I did see your comment today Mike. No doubt it will be short lived though as it seems comments are cherry picked according their popularity, rather than content... must be a democracy over there.

William Flatt said...

"Before It's News" is no doubt edited by none other than "Sorcha Faal", disinfo sock-puppet extraordinaire.

Anthony Forwood said...

I learned a while back that BIN is a government front. They're there to distract and mislead the non-MSM crowds and make them (us) look like nut-jobs. A general rule of thumb is to not believe anything that isn't sourced and doesn't have a name as the author.