Saturday, March 29, 2014

Attacks on our ammuition supply continue.

EPA agents raid ammunition company on alleged ‘environmental violations’


SWIFT said...

Other than an opportunity to engage in some "grandstanding"; I do not understand an FBI presence at the raid.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder who will be next?


Anonymous said...

Its not time - nor appropriate - for a "knee-jerk" response to what appears to be an ordinary case of recognized workplace hazards insufficiently addressed. Twenty-two cases of elevated blood lead levels in what has to be a small workforce gets my attention. Just as, no doubt, it got the attention of OSHA, EPA state and local health officials.

The dangers of lead ingestion have long been known to the reloading community. Dust from lead-based primers and bullet casting fumes pose inhalation hazards. Scrubbing lead from barrels poses contact absorbtion/ingestion hazards. Scale these small operations up to commercial levels and the risks scale as well.

I'm curious, however, what dog the FBI has in this issue. >Jeff

Anonymous said...

From the local paper:

AuricTech said...

From the linked article:

"The company said it would reopen on Friday morning."

I'd be willing to bet cash that, by the time USA Brass reopened, all of their automated data processing systems had become hosts to NSA-developed software.

Anonymous said...

ATF now denying imports of surplus 5.45x39:

Anonymous said...

In agreement with Jeff.

Let's find out if they were actually exposing people to too much lead before jumping to conclusions.

Sounds like employees may have been the ones turning them in, in which case, they deserved to be inspected (perhaps not raided, and I too have no idea why the FBI was involved).

Anonymous said...

THe FBI was involved simply because the EPA are begining to understand the increasing likelyhood of high-speed "Lead poisoning" of their opperatives.

The lead intititive covers far greater scope than just the firearms community.

Do a search for 'EPA Lead' some time to see how all-pervasive these bureaucrats are becoming.