Sunday, January 19, 2014

ATF’s New Devastating Appropriation Bill – Previous Industry Protections Appear to be Lost

That which is extremely clear from H.R. 3547 is that the Administration is dedicated to destroying our Industry and our Congressional lobbying efforts are NOT sufficient. The removal of the above-mentioned protections for FFLs is indicative of the lack of understanding and comprehension of those issues that face our Industry. If our Industry is to survive this Administration, we must come together, through organizations and trade associations, to challenge the Administration and provide for additional lobbying efforts.


Anonymous said...

Anothe rwake-up call - there is no hope of a political save.
All the son-of-bitches have to be run out of town!
This over-funding almost ensures that they will over-reach and further aid their own destruction.


Paul X said...

A pretty embarrassing disclaimer at the beginning of that article. Research before you write, seems to be the lesson.