Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Security team had warned Arapahoe High School administrators about erratic behavior of communist shooter well before his assault.

Rust claims he and other security guards at the school expressed concern to school administrators prior to the Dec. 13 shooting in regards to a death threat allegedly made by Pierson directly to speech coach Tracy Murphy, as well as “symbols” the teen drew on his math tests and his recurring use of the word “comrade.”


WarriorClass III said...

Schools are nothing but slave indoctrination day-prisons where children are taught to submit to authority no matter how they are abused, and are punished if they try and defend themselves.

Abolishing the public-education system has no downside. A few million obese, incompetent, corrupt, vicious teachers and parasitical bureaucrats will finally be fired.

And No, it's not just public education, it's the way school is done in general. I mean even if you took out the "zero tolerance" idiocy of making a gun with your hand or wearing an NRA tee-shirt and get suspended, or "just say no" BS and "homosexual education" (common core), you'd still have children limited to a 45 minute subject class that leaves them no time for their own investigation into whatever interests them and they want to study - no matter - have to move on to some other indoctrination class now and memorize something else that holds no interest for them and spend the evening doing homework on it. Is it any wonder children hate school?

Is it any wonder that they are burned out on actually learning after they "graduate" and do nothing but video games and TV?

What have they really been taught, but that leaning is not only painful but stifling!

This is not just public school but private school as well. No wonder we have children that think learning is horrid!

Stop it! Let them open up their imaginations and search for themselves under the guidance of their parents.

The best education anyone will ever get is the one they give themselves.

My God, these are human beings with curiosity and a desire to learn; let them!

Let them out of prison!

Rick said...


This is one of the most accurate and compelling descriptions of the government schools I have ever seen. Would you mind if I share it with some people that would not see it here?