Friday, January 31, 2014

"The Day We Lost Atlanta How 2 lousy inches of snow paralyzed a metro area of 6 million."

"As a Walking Dead fan, I appreciate all those jokes on social media, but as an Atlantan, I’m concerned that this storm revealed just how unprepared we are in case of real disaster."


johnnyreb said...

Another big city run by Democrats?

Anonymous said...

What the hell would they do if they were here in Michigan? Since the first of January we have had no less then 18 inches of snow from three systems. And we are slated to get another 5-8 tonight through tomorrow with a chance of freezing rain. Our snow fall totals could very well be greater then in 2001 when we had 173 inches for the year. It was a lot like this winter. We are already near 100 inches just to my west and they are saying with three more months where snow can and usally does fall we could exect another 60 inches from the combination of lake effect and just plain snow storms. We have had a lot of wind which is normal with global cooling I have many friends in the south and I know they just aren't used to this. But it does point to the smart folks that have the where with all to be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Reading through the Politico item,
I see a resemblance between it ands
some passages of Robert Putnam's
Bowling Alone in that the
major factor is not the snow, but the
sprawl and the number of vehicles.
To jump to conclusions, which is all
I have time for right now, this is one
shot in the "war on automobiles"