Monday, January 27, 2014

The Latest From GOA on the Immigration Sellout.

The Next Big Gun Fight: Stopping 8 Million New Anti-gun Voters

“[A] Pew poll suggests that illegal immigrants, if given citizenship, would vote for liberal, anti-gun candidates by an 8-to-1 margin.” - GOA’s Erich Pratt, commenting on Pew poll findings as reported in The Washington Post (7/22/13)

Next Wednesday, the House Republican leadership will announce a set of "principles" for immigration reform.  Supposedly, if these "principles" are not well-received, the House will shelve the issue for the remainder of the year.

To be blunt:  The health of the Second Amendment relies on demolishing these "principles."

Immigration reform will add over 8,000,000 anti-gun voters to the voting rolls.  There may be as many as 11.5 million persons illegally in the United States.  And, a Pew poll from last year indicated that if illegal immigrants were given citizenship, they would vote for liberal, anti-gun candidates by an 8-to-1 margin.
This is exactly what happened to California -- which was once a Red State.  Because of the Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty bill of 1986, the state lurched violently to the left and now can’t pass gun control restrictions fast enough.

If this were to happen at the national level, we would lose the ability to stop massive gun bans and gun registration schemes.  And all of this occurs at a time when a Fox poll shows the American people oppose Obama’s immigration policies by a margin of 36% to 54%.

The first reality is this:  If the House passes ANYTHING, the Senate will tack on its amnesty bill and send it to conference.  And the national conversation will turn off of ObamaCare and onto immigration.
And guess what?  Every gun-hating institution which moved heaven and earth to pass gun control will move heaven and earth to get the House to retreat -- if not to a "pathway to citizenship," to a "pathway to legalization."

They will have created the biggest and most motivated Obama-loving movement in the country -- devoted to electing anti-gun politicians and retaining Harry Reid's control of the Senate.

What will Republicans get, in exchange for creating an army of pro-Obama election warriors?

Very little.  (Be sure to read GOA legislative counsel Michael Hammond’s analysis, which shows, in great detail, how the Republican leadership’s “principles” will end up back-firing on gun owners.)

The bottom line is that there is a reason why Barack Obama and his "puppet press" have been campaigning for a year to force the Republican House to wade into "immigration reform."  It is nothing but benefits for anti-gun politicians, and nothing but pain for pro-gun legislators.

Who would be stupid enough to inflict that level of pain on themselves?


WarriorClass III said...

God bless GOA!

SWIFT said...

In the GOP leadership, we are no longer dealing with people, we are dealing with principalities. The GOP was a little later in arriving at the table of iniquity than the Dems, but arrive they have.

rexxhead said...

Reliance on the white-hat Republicans to save us from the black-hat Democrats has been foolish for at least 70 years. It is not getting less foolish as time goes by. Each year we are faced with (again) the same old lesser-of-two-evils. It may have seemed in years past that not voting for Republican evil would be catastrophic.

Okay, kids, here we are at the end of the road where even voting for Republican-style evil buys you catastrophe of a sort largely indistinguishable from Democrat-style evil.

What's the game plan from the LO2E cheering squad now?

AJ said...

It's kinda funny how people flee their failed States, just to come here and vote for all of the same policies that caused their home country to be a shithole. I don't get it at all.

Anonymous said...

Our inalienable rights exist REGARDLESS of whether or not 99.9% of the population agrees.

We're free by nature of being human...let's start acting like it.

If the sheeple want to pass full gun control...let them, and then fight them to the death.

The other option is to go along with it....but you're dead already anyway so therefore, you have nothing to lose.

Paul X said...

So you're believing Ministry of Propaganda polls now, eh? Nah, I don't buy it. The sky is not falling:

"When Democracy Becomes Tyranny
I STILL get to vote."

Maybe R's will think twice when supporting US imperialism against Latin America. Though I doubt it... but remember the old saying, "What goes around, comes around."

Let whatever must come, come. Stop begging Congress for liberty; they ain't interested.

Gunny G said...

Quite simply, I don't give a fat rat's ass what other people say, want, or do. I'll give up my guns when I'm dead and not a moment sooner. If out of ammo, it becomes a spear with a 16" bayonet on one end and a club with an steel tipped buttstock on the other.

I don't have MOLON LABE tattooed on me for nothing.