Sunday, January 26, 2014

"A Step Back Toward Peace Keeping."

I grew up in an America with cops in the background. Most people – being not criminals – had almost no interaction with them and when they did it was generally civil and far more important, almost always on equal terms – with the cop respectful of the citizen. It goes without saying that’s all gone now. Cops are a menacing omnipresence – and when they deal with us, it is usually order barking Command Voice style. You do not discuss, much less dispute. You Submit and Obey. Or else.


Anonymous said...

A good article. It's unfortunate that the author describes a reality that will never exist.

J said...

The silver lining is, the cop didn't shoot the pregnant woman just for kicks. Surprised! Frankly, he sounded as hysterical as a ten year old girl at a Bieber concert.

Anonymous said...

Got a kick out of the "three percenter" reference.

Sadly, far too many take "requests" from officers as if they are commands. True it is in some circumstances that cops can give orders but people have to be smart enough to make cops say its an order AND on what basis they give it. It's amazing how many times cops will stand down when dealing with Citizens who actually know and exercise their rights.

I almost feel bad for today's LEOs because legislators have made them into thug revenuers. But then I realize that I can't feel sorry for those who actively participate in the blatant violation of peoples rights. Every cop COULD respect Citizens and their rights- all they have to do is CHOOSE to do so. And the fact is today that the vast majority of cops don't care about Citizens or rights, the oath they took or the very purpose of their position. Instead they commit what amounts to treason on a daily basis.

We as Citizens are left no choice but to take the music group NWAs attitude -

Say what you want but these brothers had a point then - it's just too bad they didn't then and still don't recognize that it's not a color thing, it's not a racist thing because cops treat people that way no matter what color they are.

FedUp said...

Anonymous said...

Yes, in certain olaces officers do get their panties up in a bunch when camera come out. Ironically, that's the best reason to bring them out. Over time, they get used to it. After they learn a hard lesson or two that is.

I know this much - I will never interact with 50 again without my own video rolling. They say that have video rolling so we don't "need" to do so but I experienced first hand how that goes down..... Never again.

As an aside - employees at my local school won't talk AT ALL withe anymore because I tall them the conversation will be recorded. I guess they are afraid of becoming YouTube stars. Interestingly, local cops respect me and school officials have all of a sudden toned down the guff they were giving my kids. I wonder if one has to do with the other???

Cameras up folks! Everywhere and ALWAYS!!

CruzMissile said...

When I was a cop in the 80's, we were taught that our job was to "Protect & Serve" our citizens. I guess we the citizenry have fallen asleep at the wheel and have allowed our police forces to become occupation forces.

Paul X said...

People don't seem to want to question the premise of traffic stops. Much of this stuff boils down to income generation (AKA robbery, "highwaymen") for police departments, and there was no problem with safety in the first place (other than that generated by the cop "doing his job"). Clearly we are at the stage of cops being a cure worse than the disease.

After the revolution, if we get ourselves free again, there will be no jobs for cops any more, other than free market solutions like "rent-a-cop". People will take personal responsibility for their own safety, which is as it should be. Until then, enjoy living in this police state, and be prepared to go to war if you are stopped by a highwayman.