Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Interesting letter I found poking around CT newspapers this morning. "What reasonable people should not do is engage in loose talk about armed resistance against a duly elected government."

Protesters hold signs portraying Gov. Cuomo as Adolf Hitler during a pro-gun rally at the State Capitol in Albany, New York, Feb. 28, 2013.
NY’s Cuomo is the real ‘extremist’
 Last week in New York State, Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave one of the most frightening and perhaps prophetic political speeches since the days of the beer hall speeches in pre-Nazi Germany. He launched into a political tirade that persons of any ideological persuasion would have to conclude was not only totalitarian in tone, but also almost genocidal in its implications.

    Cuomo stated that Republican “extremists” were not welcome in his state, and should leave. And just exactly who are these “extremists”? They are those who adamantly oppose abortion, federal and state infringements upon the Second Amendment, gay marriage -- and just about anyone else who disagrees with the good governor about anything.

    This is the rhetoric of a lunatic leftist born of the 1960’s campus radicalism who for all his talk about diversity cannot tolerate a single opposing view. But it is also the mark of a morally suspect, seriously imbalanced politician -- a ferociously demagogic breed for which New York in recent days has become all too well-known.

    But the most ominous thing about Cuomo’s demented rant is that underneath its Nuremburg-style political passion one can almost hear the trains pulling into the camouflaged camps somewhere just north of Albany.


By the way, the photo above was found at this NY Post panty-waist reporter's column with the comment:
Reasonable people can disagree about the merits of Gov. Cuomo’s gun control law and the rushed way he pushed it through the Legislature.
What reasonable people should not do is engage in loose talk about armed resistance against a duly elected government....
What makes you think it is "LOOSE" talk?


WarriorClass III said...

The problem is that "duly elected" part of the statement.

The Diebold voting machines not withstanding, What if you were allowed to vote for one of two candidates, but they both supported the same government policies? Would you consider that a real choice? Certainly you have a choice between two people, but you have no choice in policy since they are both the same. Is that a representative government?

More here:


indyjonesouthere said...

Peter King is of the opposing party but there is no real difference between the two fascists. New England Yankees love their gubmint.

John DeWitt said...

I have responded to Hammond here:


Anonymous said...

It was also up-Chuck Schumer who doubled-down on Cuomo's rhetoric by declaring that the IRS needs to target TEA Party groups to "stop" them.

Congratulations, Chuckie.....you dems are now officially National Socialists.

WarriorClass III said...

Great response, Mr. DeWitt!

ExNuke said...

New York and Connecticut's immoral Pre-Confiscation Laws can only be enforced by calling out the National Guard and going door to door killing people, for their own good and Safety of course. After that starts and a noticeable number of people have been murdered by their regimes it should be interesting to see how many petty tyrants survive.

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Anonymous said...

Duly elected governments can and do consist of law breakers. When in the course of human events they do so - the people have an obligation beside their right to throw off such unjust government.

Throwing off can and has taken armed resistances in order to accomplish it.

That author might educate himself by reading something called the Declaration of Independence.

Anonymous said...

Those who ignore history are doomed to have it repeated upon them!


Unknown said...

Good post, Mike.

MissAnthropy said...

Might as well go ahead and invoke Godwin's Law, but Hitler was "duly elected" too.

The government is obliged to respect the Natural Rights of men. It is not the prerogative of some bare majority of voters to decide that these Rights are suddenly null and void. 51% or 99% matters not.

badanov said...

Dealing with Gospodin Hammond here.

Anonymous said...

And when the 'duly elected government' official,riles against the Constitution both state and Republic....then it is very reasonable and required of citizens to correct the assault against their guaranteed rights and liberty...no politician spin nor newsprint opinions can override GOD given rights....imho

Anonymous said...

The reporter is reight. Why give a heads up to the government. Know who you are speaking to. Tell lies to those that deserve lies. Resist.