Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Attorney General Eric Holder can't explain constitutional basis for Obama's executive orders."

And this is surprising?
Meanwhile Killer Tomato Cass Sunstein, now out of the regime and safe back in the collectivist night soil of academia explains: What Exactly Is an 'Executive Order'?


Anonymous said...

Our Attorney General is heavy into irony with his lead " I'll be honest with you." Actually he's a coward because he won't have a discussion about honesty.

Anonymous said...

quote:"Exactly what is an Executive Order?"

Shades of Henry the 8th. The Imperial Executive writing laws..that's what.

And here we thought there was this thing called "separation of powers".

right. In a parallel universe.

rexxhead said...

Sunstein starts off right but then veers wildly wrong. EOs can affect only those who work for the Executive Branch. "Lifting the employer mandate" can be done simply by directing the IRS not to prosecute anyone who violates it; that's kinda OK.

Requiring a manufacturer to change a product label? That's "making law" and only Congress can do that.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Lee pawns Holder. I love seeing scumbag Holder squirm. If only he was squirming in jail.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Obla's Executive executioner, one axe wielding Henry 8th wannabe Eric Holder, declares divine right by virtue of AG status to redefine the 1st Amendment into that which King George III responds by falling to the floor in raucous gut splitting laughter. Monarchy redefined. And here you thought that shit ended in the 17th century. It never ended. The "rule of law" is an exercise in myth. One cursory afternoon across the interwebs is living proof.

Anonymous said...

quote:"Requiring a manufacturer to change a product label? That's "making law" and only Congress can do that."unquote

vs Murder Tuesday. Requiring the CIA unilaterally, unequivocally to vaporize an American citizen anywhere on the planet, anytime, the Executive so deems. Making law. right.

Hahahahahahahaha! Now, if we could only break the encryption of mass delusion.