Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yet more uniformed thuggery, this time in Houston.

Man gives change to homeless person, is handcuffed and held by police for an hour
Snider agreed to let police search his cars for drugs, and they did so for an hour while Greg remained handcuffed. In that time, ten more police cars showed up and pulled over. The search was not fruitful – no drugs were found in the car. That is, because, as previously mentioned, Snider didn’t have any drugs to give. Snider was not happy about the damage police did to his car, or that the police were actually laughing about the mistake.


SWIFT said...

All across the Republic, we are hearing about displays of police stupidity, brutality and murder. It has become pandemic. It would be too easy to write all this off as the result of police agencies lowering their applicant standards several years ago. I believe it is an evil, trickling down from a corrupt government, showing no respect for the rule of law. The Republic is becoming a jungle. No one is exempt from being a victim, due to the fact these acts by neo-nazi scum, have even hit rural areas. These stories use to appear about a couple times a month. Now, they are daily fare. This will NOT end well. Lexington 2, cannot be far off. Slavery to sadistic assholes is the alternative.

Anonymous said...

I lay a bit of responsibility at the feet of every "conservative" drug warrior when it comes to every incident like this one. Why? Because they are the ones who power this thuggish nazi like behavior by "law enforcement" thru unconstitutional usurpation of power.

For many generations now, these "conservatives" have claimed how righteous the drug war is. And more people experience this thuggery every day.

"Conservatives" ought to get back to conserving LIBERTY.

Harry_the_Horrible said...

"I do not consent to any searches. Am I being detained?"

Anonymous said...

Harry, you stopped short.
"What crime am I being accused of committing?"
"Are you accusing me of committing a crime?"
"Do you suspect me of committing a crime? If yes, what crime and what is the basis for your suspicion?"

"Oh you won't answer these questions directly? Ok. Call your supervisor. "

Meanwhile, ask all those questions over and over and roll your own video the entire time!

Terribly sad it is to know that most Americans think cops are empowered to order people around, not realizing the carefully worded "requests" aren't orders at all and can SHOULD be rejected as Harry points out!

DC Wright said...

Anon at 0744, I believe you're correct. Oh, it's not SOLELY that, there are other factors, but virtually all with the same underlying attitudes by the boys and girls in blue. And it will not stop until they are forced to confront armed, invincible reality, in the form of We, the People!!

D. C. Wright
USMC Retired

WarriorClass III said...

Houston used to have pretty good cops, but then they lowered the standards and then the liberals took over and hired the worst police chiefs they could find, starting with Lee Brown.

The current mayor, Lesbian Annise D. Parker received 97,009 votes.

There are approximately 2 million eligible voters in Houston, out of which about 160,000 actually voted.

Lesbian Annise D. Parker received 97,009 votes out of a potental of 2 MILLION.

Less than 5 percent of eligible voters determined the fate of Houston, Texas.

Houston has the government it deserves.