Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The day begins as yesterday ended.

Nobody sane is moving right now. The roads -- ALL roads -- are closed by ice and impromptu roadblocks of abandoned vehicles. The various government edicts and emergency declarations are merely superfluous to the reality. I'm just grateful that we have power and communications here and at the scattered locations where my loved ones are. Many do not. This hit so fast and -- largely because of faulty weather predictions -- so unexpectedly, AND in the middle of a busy day that it essentially froze everybody in place. It is the real life application of the term "freeze frame."
It is also a reminder of the inadequacies of the power of man.


Anonymous said...

It's a pretty good indication of what actual "power" and "control" all these agencies really have in the event of a wide-spread emergency.

God Bless and be safe!

Robin said...

I prefer to think of it as the supremacy of God, not the inadequacies of Man. HE decides the weather, not people.

Anonymous said...

This is a product of government manufacturing a false sense of security and safety by its hand. If you think about it - objectively- a no guns sign really isn't any different from a weatherman saying the coast is all clear.

The no guns signs lead people to believe there won't be any guns (read criminals). A no worried "forecast" really is exactly the same thing. False sense of security.

In both examples, private sector entities tell people "no worries" by forecasting it - really by deeming it so regardless of the reality that no such "Forecast" can ever be valid beyond what they are - wishful thinking guesses.

Both, along with other examples, serve ONE purpose. That being forging a sense of reliance upon goverent. Nah, no need to think for yourselves folks. No need to prepare for anything or even look out for your own safety - just listen to what government tells you and what government tells media to tell you.

Folks in this country better wake up from their stuper. Folks vote because Obama says its a FACT that global warming is real!!!! Based on the "forecasts" about a century from now - when this incident shows they can't forecadtTOMORROW!!! This from the same fools who think "no guns" signs stop criminals from carrying and abusing guns.

I pray that Americans shrug off the sheer ignorance of the world around them.

The Defensive Training Group said...

It would be interesting to hear the so-called justification for the inevitable post-emergency howls of 'price gouging!' from those who went, in a panic, to buy from their local store the things they should already have on hand for such an emergency.

Especially as the 'average' citizen hasn't been taught Economics 101 and does not know about 'market rationing' where price fluctuations ensure A: Only those who really need a product buy it, B: Panicked buyers don't buy every like item 'just to have it' and C: the person who owns the property, that is, the items for sale, is compensated in accordance with the supply on hand and the demand of the buyers.

Observations of the situation across the region give credence to the saying, "There are no victims, only volunteers."

Vehicle kits are prudent year round, with the contents reflecting the seasonal requirements for being stranded, to include water, extra clothing, food, and hygiene (like toilet paper or wipes).

Just sayin'....

Curmudgeon said...

The ex was from Alabama. Sylacauga.

Those folks in the south just panic when a little white falls.

I remember in '78 when we were still married and living just outside Memphis in MS, the blizzard hit. The city was shut down for a week. Only people who could get around was us yankees.

When I moved back to Ohio I said never again south of the Ohio river..

Have fun Mike we miss you here in central Ohio. We had lower than -10 last 2 mornings.

Anonymous said...

Here in central MS, I suppose our weather predictions are as bad as anywhere, but we still knew there was a winter storm on the way. That's all you needed to know.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't those gubberment fellas bringing us free stuff - we're like to die without it!