Friday, January 31, 2014

More time and money than sense. Or, as Mrs. Gump told Forrest: "Stupid is as stupid does."

Oh, my aching ass. "A redneck garage-hacked AR-15 bullpup."


Anonymous said...

My ass hurts too, Mike. There oughta be a law about defacing perfectly good battle arms.

Matt said...

My head hurts from the stupid. And I live in DC. I'm pretty inoculated against stupid, but not at this level.

Sean said...

Innovation is always part accident, part experiment. While it looks stupid, this guy is probably on his way to something good.

Bear said...

I ran across that earlier. Forget the butchered rifle (if you can). The safety violations (finger on "trigger", sweeping the cameraman, pointing the rifle at his own hand -- especially after inserting the mag-- oblivious to surroundings) raised the cringe factor beyond the level at which I could continue watching.

Anonymous said...

Or as an Uncle of mine used to put it, "More cents than sense."

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that there ain't no cure for stupid.

That being said, it's HIS money, HIS gun and HIS time and if he wants to screw up a nice tool, it's HIS business not mine. FN Herstal already makes a bullpup 5.56 which they call the FS2000. I would not be surprised to learn that there were others out there.

To each their own.

Anonymous said...

Examples like this are wonderful for making this salient point -

ATF "rules" regarding NAF are implemented under the guise of "safety" but in reality those very rules are the direct reason this fella burgers up his own rifle - rendering it something less safe than simply installing a shorter barrel.

Indeed, the case is quite easy to make that simply installing a shorter barrel is MORE safe than his contraption.

So no, this idiocy should not be discouraged. It should be encouraged. For every example demonstrates how the ATF and it's backers make us all LESS safe!

Anonymous said...

Do I not understand how the AR works? I thought the buffer tube is necessary whether the rifle is piston or gas.