Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Stupid is as stupid does, Forrest."

Doubling-down on dumb: Homeland Security loses assault rifle in Redondo Beach, cops think it’s a bomb.
Because police didn’t know if explosives were also in the unusual carrying case, officers evacuated surrounding residences as a precaution and called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad, Freeman said.
The bomb squad ultimately determined that the package was exactly what it appeared to be once it was opened: a rifle in a case, Jackson said.
Owens comments: "Charitably, they won’t charge the citizen who found the wayward firearm, in the only sign of intelligence shown during the entire incident."
I'm not so sure. Seems a wasted opportunity to me. If someone made me a present of "patrol rifle" like that, I just might make sure it disappeared, perhaps in untraceable pieces, perhaps even to another state, leaving the idiot DHS employeee to explain the mystery to his bosses. Although I must say that the cops calling the bomb squad was a nice Keystone Kops moment of comedy.


Miles said...

Why can't I find stuff like this?

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly.
"Rifle? What rifle? Ohhh. YOU lost a rifle? I'm so sorry to hear that (not). Did I find your rifle? No, I haven't found your rifle. Will I keep an eye out for it for you? Suuuure (or 1/2 of that statement anyway)."

And as for NOT charging the serf/sheeple that found it and called it in, how mighty generous of the po-po. (/sarc off)

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Wife was issued an M-16 before a TDY to Somalia. In the crate they gave her to carry it, we found nine Beretta 9mm's.
Needless to say, we got a mild interrogation from the sky cops and the armory guy got an Article 15.