Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Praise the Lord.

Rosey just checked in. She's at her co-worker's house and safe, but the hard-head insists on driving the two miles from there to back home. At least she now has a borrowed cell phone in addition to a borrowed car. Keep the obstinate woman in your prayers.
UPDATE: Unable to make it home, and finding it impossible to get back to where she was at her co-worker's house, Rosey opted to go to the home of Hannah's boyfriend's parents. At least she's safe, although when I'll see her is anyone's guess. Praise the Lord, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Great News!

Kiwi III

Average Moke said...

Whew! Must be some rough weather out there - Southerners don't get that often,really it's perfectly okay to just stay put until conditions improve.

Anonymous said...

Really!! Is it that the weather and roads are THAT BAD!!??
Or is it that Southeners are that bad of drivers, under anything other then fair and sunny skies?

But Rosie is safe. That's what's most important.

B Woodman

prairie gopher said...

if you drive in these conditions once in 10 years you should really just park your butt in a warm house or office or bar close by until it is over. No ability to drive in this stuff is a recipe for disaster.