Saturday, January 25, 2014

Abramski case before the Supreme Court could end tyrannical drive for “universal background checks”

But don't hold your breath.


SWIFT said...

Once upon a time in America, the people looked to the Supreme Court, to make right, wrongs that had been committed against them. It was considered the 'court of last resort'. It was , in my opinion, the shining light of the checks and balances system. No more! They are as big a cancer, on the ass of the Republic, as the executive and legislative branches of government. Justice, is an archaic word, found only in history books. Every once in a while, the Supremes issue a ruling that appears to have some justice to it. But upon examination, it has been "picked as clean as a chicken bone", before being tossed to the public. SCREW them too!

Anonymous said...

If you squint just right you might just be able to make out the founders' republic before it dissappears from your rear view mirror.

And it ain't coming back.

There are just too many people in the USA who have become dependent on Uncle Santa for their sustenance.

Anonymous said...

Folks did look to SCOTUS to "make things right" and they committed the ultimate mistake because of it. Folks allowed SCOTUS to usurp power not constitutionally delegate to it! From assuming top dog status to legislating from the bench to literally amending the constitution via definition changes to the ability to simply refuse to answer petitions with SUBSTANCE, the court has become a set of robed jesters acting like crowned kings.

The title of nobility known as. "Member of the Bar" facilitated that corruption.

The answers to almost all our nations problems are already written down a la Blackstone. If we would just adhere to the constitution - operate in the can it can't level instead of the should or shouldn't level- things would improve.