Monday, January 27, 2014

Katy Perry embarrassment should be over privileged hypocrisy, not guns

“Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Bodyguards Allegedly Assaulting Paparazzi in India,” AceShowBiz reported a few years back. Per the report, the then-couple’s personal goon squad left photographers stranded in a jungle safari tiger park by taking their car keys, smashing a camera, smashing one’s glasses, and beating them up, leaving one with a cut arm and another with “a bleeding wound on his head.”


SWIFT said...

I've had encounters with very pushy news reporters and photographers. I'd can truthfully say I wanted to leave them in a more permanent prone position, than just a cut arm and a head wound. Not sticking up Katy Perry, of any of the privileged class, but there are some people whose sole existence is for the purpose of being beaten by others.

Anonymous said...

With most women you can have looks ......or brains. I am not prejudiced because my wife has both.......sorry Katy!!