Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why Pro-Amnesty Republicans Are So Desperate To Pass Immigration Reform This Year

In other words, this whole immigration push that the GOP leadership in the House is embracing is a scam. It doesn't matter what they tell you, what they promise or how good they make it sound; immigration reform this year would be about as legitimate as a letter from a Nigerian prince.
See also "The House GOP Sounds Retreat (Or Should.)": The leaders of the party in the House, in other words, have to at least pretend to care what the various segments of that party's base care about and how they react to the House GOP's initiatives. The House GOP leadership has to act rationally, and win elections before they "make tough choices" no one asked them to make now, and which they cannot make except to hurt themselves while helping Democrats, as they did two weeks back in backing the attack on the retirement benefits of the career military.


SWIFT said...

I feel that the war between the Tea Party and mainstream Republicans, has become so vicious, that Boehner and company have lost sight of the big picture. Add to that, McCain and Graham constantly crossing the aisle to suck up to Democrats, you have a recipe, a witches brew, for defeat. All the talk of taking back the Senate and gaining seats in the House, is smoke and mirrors. The real agenda is the complete destruction of all Constitutional protections, by "progressives".

Longbow said...

The piece at TownHall didn't really answer the question... Why?

The answer is, because the "R" branch of the Socialist party doesn't have a genuine disagreement with the "D" branch of the Socialist party. They are flip sides of the same coin. It is one huge scam.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time that anything in the beltway conformed to the actual will of the people, the constituents? I don't remember when, but it's the pinnacle of stupidity to think that congress or the president make their decisions with our benefit in mind. There is virtually no difference, Democrat or Republican, in matters of importance. It's a false dichotomy. They are all collectivists working toward a one-world government, elites in power ruling over the serfdom. Martial law IS the desired outcome. The all powerful police-state apparatus is nearly in place. They're just waiting for a bitter clinger to take the first shot before they can bring it to full fruition.