Thursday, January 30, 2014

Government-monopoly-of-violence advocates don't like AR giveaway. They don't like it one bit.

Giveaway of assault rifle riles some Iowa lawmakers
Ladd Everitt, the communications director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, a group based in Washington, D.C., said he found one sentence in Dorr’s email message particularly disturbing. That line said few things makes the group happier than the look on the face of a law-abiding citizen who just took possession of a new AR-15, “especially when it’s being placed in the hand of a young Iowan.”
“Children clearly do not have the maturity necessary to handle rifles designed for use on the battlefield; and this type of flip, macho attitude about gun ownership is exactly how accidents happen,” Everitt said.
Of course as Kurt Hofmann has pointed out before, the authoritarian streak of the government-monopoly-of-violence advocates at CSGV is legendary. See "CSGV should change name to 'Coalition to Kill Dissenters'" and "The toxic 'embrace' of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence."


Anonymous said...

Churchill's discussion about the historical background of the militia was weak IMO. A percentage of states have militia laws even today. Those laws bastardized the purpose and the intent. At what point in history that happened varies greatly by the individual State, but any language that puts the regulation under the control of the state is self defeating to the militia. At that point, what is created is a national guard. Telling, was Churchill's inability to define "well regulated". To make regular; organizing into units, mustering on a schedule, honing one's skills. These were hallmarks of well regulated.
At no point did he correct Horowitz on the terminology, and it hurts the exchange. This is not a democracy! I get the impression that Horowitz was also the moderator, and picked Churchill for his rather blasé support for firearms in general. I could have debated Josh better. A professional like David would've torn him to shreds.


Robert Fowler said...

And damn did the gun haters come out in the comments. I notice that my comment was deleted. Typical Register, delete any comments the paper doesn't like. Last week I called reps. Braley (Ia 1) and Ryan (wis. asshole) assholes in the comments and that got deleted too. They started off by calling the AR a "assault rifle" these fools wouldn't know a assault rifle if they were beat over the head with one.

I have offered on a couple of occasions a free training class and range trip to anyone at the paper that wanted it. Never a response.