Monday, January 27, 2014

Where I'm headed.

Shears: Will someone tell me why I'm so indispensable to this outfit?
MAJ Warden: I know how you feel, but there's always the unexpected, isn't there?
-- Bridge on the River Kwai, 1957.
Events of this weekend -- health-wise and otherwise -- have convinced me that wherever I'm headed in this struggle it needs to be soon. To accomplish what I set out to do with the armed civil disobedience and smuggling project I need to get about doing things that require a modicum of health and resources. Both seem iffy at the moment.
My one hope of generating an income stream independent of blog subscriptions and the kindness of friends is to get Absolved out there for sale. While I am beyond making false promises and failed predictions, I plan on touring the upper South and Midwest in the month of April. This presupposes I will have a work product to tour with. If other things, including this blog, have to suffer, well, they will.
My schedule is tentatively to begin at Knob Creek KY, 11-12 April and finish at the NRA Convention in Indianapolis 0n 24-27 April. In between, I am scheduled to give a speech at the Ohio State House on 19 April at a Patriots' Day rally sponsored by Ohio for Concealed Carry. Other events and dates will be filled in as time approaches. If any readers have suggestions for that month and general area of the country, please feel free to email me.
Prior to April, I hope to get up to CT, MD and NY and tweak the noses of the totalitarians up there in speeches, appearances and (who knows?) perhaps a bit of smuggling. (I especially want to visit Connecticut, where the resistance to the new tyrant's code seems to be particularly strong.) I will do my best to avoid the expense of bail money, etc., but then there's always the unexpected, isn't there?
Again this presupposes the health and the funds to do so. The April trip has the advantage of allowing me to conserve resources by falling back on the resources of friends and family in Ohio and Indiana. I should also have some of my income tax refund to use by then. I try to stretch all the donations and subscriptions as far as I can.
To my regular supporters and subscribers, however, I hasten to add that you have already given plenty and I am not soliciting more from y'all. The Lord alone knows how you have sustained my work until now, even in the face of Christmas and hard times. Rather, I am hoping that some of you folks, especially new readers that I have been hearing from, will see fit to send some subscriptions this way to keep the smuggling campaign going until, Lord willing, I can get Absolved out into the marketplace.
This weekend reminded me forcefully that I don't have an inexhaustible amount of time to accomplish what I need to do. So that's where I'm headed. Keep me in your prayers.


JohninMd.(too late?!??) said...

Mike - It amazes ME you have done all you have with the obstacles life has thrown in your path. If I may suggest, a couple of guys who may be able to help you on publishing the book, who are strong 2nd Amendment types is Larry Corriega of Monster Hunter Nation blog fame, who first self-published when he was a class 3 dealer. The other would be Peter of Bayou Rennesaince Man blog, who has published 2-3 books this past year.they should be able to point you in the direction to folks who can make Absolved a reality. I know I'll buy it.....

Anonymous said...

Since you have little love for The NRA, I'm wondering what you're planning to do at their annual meetings in Indy.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, I do not use paypal, but would like to send a subscription donation for me, and some for friends who read, but do not post. What is the best alternate format for you, cash or a USPS money order? It is very important to me to see your work kept going. Few people have your visibility, dedication, intelligence, and sense of fairness.

Anonymous said...

Should your trip to NY materialize, I can probably help a great deal with logistics. I know quite a few folks upstate who would like to make that happen. I'll email.

Mark III

Dutchman6 said...

Ag42B: Whichever is more convenient for you. USPS MO is fine. Just send to PO Box 926 Pinson AL 35126. Be sure and make it out to Mike Vanderboegh. "Sipsey Street Irregulars" doesn't cut it with either the Post Office or my credit union.

Dutchman6 said...

Anonymous Anonymous said: "Since you have little love for The NRA, I'm wondering what you're planning to do at their annual meetings in Indy."

The same thing I did two tears ago. Cover it as press person and meet and greet like-minded folks. I have little love for the "Lairds of Fairfax" leadership, but there are many fine folks in the NRA who share my opinion. I hold an NRA member card at the moment in order to qualify for a discount at the local shooting range.

Paul X said...

Let the blog "suffer". Maybe your next post should be, "There will be no more posts until Absolved is done." Since you like blogging so much, that would light a fire...

I know Internet stuff is a real time suck. Fight it, Mike! :-)

Anonymous said...

Not to be too awfully terse but....
Considering your contributions to this fundamental fight for liberty - most especially the Second Amendment in particular - I submit that were I to be the owner of your local range an NRA membership would be worthless there too because you, Sir, wouldn't be incurring any charges to discount.

Believe me, I totally understand that you do jumping jacks on a bed of razor blades when it comes to the NRA but I have come to understand, through personal experience, that enabling the NRA does more harm than any good actually produced.

Like the Republican Party, the NRA has become the very thing both have long claimed they came to be in order to oppose. Giving either money, or credence, serves little more than perpetuating the problem.

I believe the NRA has become the biggest and best disguised gun CONTROL group in this country. I agree there is such a thing as know thine enemy and even keep your enemies closest. I'll also bite a bit on infiltration. However, the NRA continues to damage the Second Amendment and our ability to regain our individual ownership over it, and for that it should experience a massive exodus so it either falls asunder or ends what can easily be argued as it's own malfeasance and possibly argued as nefarious treason.

This day it's totally fair to proclaim this truth - the NRA and the Brady Bunch ( under whichever banner it's chosen at this time) have more in common with each other than with the rest of us. They have preservation of the division as the goal so that the money keeps rolling in. Regardless of who was to win or lose in a earth shattering settlement of this fight , they both lose what's most important to them - the cash flow.

I refuse to participate in protraction - especially that of the intentional kind. For crying out loud, the NRA is an ADVOCACY group that's been reduced to going officially NEUTRAL on SERIOUS and far reaching legislation. That's as ridiculous as it can get. That besides propping up both parties candidates that conveniently continues endless stalemate. Can you say Harry Ried?

I've had enough of the go along to get along. Piss on that noise.

I've just witnessed the NRA team with Democrats to literally augment gun control, tout shall issue like its a "good" thing creating a permission slip system where none existed and touting state preemption like its proper and a panacea. The second amendment is an individual preemption of ALL government - as in shall not be infringed. I watched the NRA and it's buddies promise not to throw open carry under the bus and then do exactly that. I watched it just look past and help implement a rifle carry BAN that it went NEUTRAL on. Hell I even witnessed the NRA pull the - gotta pass it to see what's in it crap a la nancy pelosi. Indeed I even witnessed the NRA usurp the peoples right to a public hearing - like only the NRA speaks for everybody!

Maybe it's different where you are mike. But here, we might as well have Rahm Emanuel as the lobbyist. The NRA acts like the Second amendment belongs to it and so does the First - for it trades away, negotiates away rights that simply do not belong to it - partially because of "like minded" folks you talk about. It boasts membership and only game in town status. The NRA went so far as to openly and actively argue AGAINST constitutional carry and used it as a wedge to push through what it indeed WANTS - forced permitting that includes fee based training that just happens to be the most in the entire nation.

IOW I witnessed the NRA sell out the Second Amendment itself - along with every person owning those rights- for what amounts to thirty pieces of silver.

So ill beg your pardon when I say -
Fuck the NRA. It IS a gun CONTROL group and a plain viewing of its CHISEN actions demonstrates it. So there's no misunderstanding - I'll repeat myself for clarity.

Fuck the NRA.

Mark Cancemi said...

Hoping you make it to North Texas! Sent some funds your way. Good luck!!