Friday, January 24, 2014

Newspaper conglomerate Civitas Media discusses building nationwide database of CCW licensees

How about we build a nationwide database of collectivist journalists with their home addresses and phone numbers?


Anonymous said...

These collectivist clowns should realize a couple things:
1. This is illegal (by code) in several states.
2. The individuals they may be directly or indirectly publishing information on are not likely to be public figures, so liable suits and endangerment charges are highly likely.

It may take a backlash similar to what happened in NY state to stop this crap. Maybe Civitas Media management needs a dose of this before they publish to convince them it's a bad idea??

The blade cuts both ways Civitas.


Anonymous said...

They gonna list the entire state of AZ?

Anonymous said...

Some states will not give out that information. Still there are other ways to obtain it.
If the turds want to play games, we can play too.

Anonymous said...

One more reason to simply ignore the CCW "license" "requirement" that is unconstitutional in the first place.

CCW licensing is not freedom - it is registration and control.
How can one fit to own a gun not be fit to carry it concealed?

Wake the hell up.

FedUp said...

Making Gannett look good: It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it, and Gannett sure isn't going to do it. Therefore, it's up to Civitas to do it.

Anonymous said...

Enough empty threats. Start making the goddamn lists of journalists NOW! Put them in the goddamn position they think we need to be in. Start making them sweat like they want us to sweat. Start playing the white pieces for once. The only thing Robert E Lee won by playing a defensive war was a hallowed spot among history's most respected losers.

Gunny G said...

Add to their addresses, where their kids go to school, any information on their financial status, what kind of cars they own, drive, etc. Spouses name, relatives, etc.

As an old dumpster diver for the USG, LOTS of good info obtained via open source and on trash day!

Publish it all, hand it out via pamphlets, etc.

Anonymous said...

True patriots should be championing this. For what government does should all be out in the open for taxpayers to see. This action by "authorized journalists" demonstrates perfectly why there shouldn't even be any lists to cobble together to begin with.

We all know the connected have their permission slips while the serfs are denied and delayed theirs. Outing them all would be quite wonderful ( their body guards too).

There is no better way to see the lists eliminated than to SUPPORT any and all lists made public access.

Wake up folks - by making you folks snappish and wanting to keep the lists "secret" they not only get you to support government secrecy but they get you to support their damn lists too.

As another said above. Wake the hell up!

Anonymous said...

Yet one more avenue to a peaceful future is closed, and so the deliberate fool's march to ruin continues.

You can lead a fool to the truth, but you can't force him to believe it through power of reason.

Anonymous said... know, some people might take something like this personally.

Anonymous said...

Here's a start:
and here:

Funny, CEO MBush says: Civitas Media never had any plans or intentions of publishing in print or online lists of holders of “conceal and carry”...

This would imply they have already gotten the message. Somehow I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Can't know what they eat for breakfast
if you don't know who they are.