Friday, January 31, 2014

Darryl Baxter surrendered to federal authorities today to begin his unjust sentence.

From Darryl's sister Deb:
Darryl surrendered himself this afternoon, 31-Jan-14 at 2:00 PM. At this point, not sure what will happen with AA Army Surplus, but we haven't given up and the fight continues. I spoke with him around 11:30 AM and, all things considered, he was upbeat and has a positive attitude. Hoping this mess gets straightened out on the 04-Feb.
The 4 Feb hearing may straighten this out, but I will tell you one thing: It will free me up to begin writing about this case and you won't believe it.


Anonymous said...

Can't hardly wait!

Anonymous said...

His Facebook page is still be updated as of two hours ago. Maybe someone else is 'minding the store'.

Backwoods Engineer said...

So, tomorrow is the 4th. I am looking forward to a humdinger of a post on Darryl Baxter and the ATF, Mike.