Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Well, that was interesting.

Rosey was able to hitch a ride in a four-wheel drive vehicle and made it back home (leaving the co-worker's borrowed car in place where she sheltered for the night). Round about 3PM, she decided against my advice for us to take our car out, pick up the co-worker's car and return it and the borrowed cell phone back to their owner.
Conditions were scarcely better than yesterday, but we were able to thread our way through the wrecks and abandoned vehicles and accomplish our mission, making it back in a little over an hour. Praise the Lord.
I have cancelled the planned procedure for tomorrow that was to have stretched my newly identified stenosis, not because of the weather but because I am now (again, forever) apparently leaking gastric contents out my back. So we are literally back to square one. There is no point in enlarging the esophagus only to aggravate the leak. This should settle the argument and I may finally get that referral to the specialist at UAB. We'll see. But for now, Rosey and I are safe together back at home, and that is something to be appreciated. Thanks for all your prayers on our behalf. Tomorrow afternoon, roads permitting, I'm going to get her a cell phone.

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Anonymous said...

Come on up.... I live in Alaska. We always have snow days cause snow is here-except we don't take off work or school. Kids go out to play at recess until it drops below -20 F and we are still out shooting at -35 F. Of course we have to use artificial grease in the bolt guns cause the traditional grease gets so thick that the firing pin won't strike the primer hard enough. My old M1A still runs like a sewing machine though.
Shoot I still grill outside at -40 F

SO come on up....