Tuesday, January 28, 2014

'Progressive' says kill 'plutocrats' and 'climate tyrants,' or 'purge' 2nd Amnd.

The solution, though, is not to surrender an inch of ground on gun rights, but to become more vigilant against all threats to liberty.


Anonymous said...

'Progressives' never seem to realize that if they push us too far down that path that we have the capability to make Bosnians - or indeed Hitler - look like rank amatuers.

Perhaps it is our understanding of our own proclivities which holds us back from the 'final solution'?

We ARE dealing with dang fools ...


SWIFT said...

Perhaps it is Mr. Walker's plan to show up on the line, in the fight against tyranny, with a pair of Homeland Security approved scissors. Or, failing the courage of that, he can use the scissors to cut the 2nd Amendment from all copies of the Bill of Rights. Tough trick that!