Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rumored Bloomberg shift from guns to immigration likely only a shift in tactics

Bloomberg is now supporting even "pro-gun Democrats," because Democrat control of Congress bodes well for oppressive gun laws, even with a few voices of dissent against the "gun control" agenda. A huge influx of newly legal voters from cultures where draconian government control over private firearm ownership is an unquestioned matter of course does the same thing. Bloomberg can hardly be unaware of that.

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rexxhead said...

Dunno about that...

What if we get a huge influx of Mexicans who have seen first-hand what those draconian gun control laws do to their quality of life? Do you suppose they might say something along the lines of "Now I can have a gun..."? If they do, they could turn out to be the Democrats' worst nightmare: 8-11 million brand new pro-gun voters.

Or do we think they'll want to turn their new country into a replica of their old country? (To the extent it isn't already...)