Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Shooting the messenger: The time I dared to critique gun activists’ agenda ."

Poor collectivist baby.


SWIFT said...

The guy writes an article for SALON and does not expect criticism? SALON? The same SALON that's just to the left of Marx? My, My, My!

Anonymous said...

Metcalf DID speak freely and others spoke ALSO. And THAT is what collectivist bastards hate so much. Just like guns, they think that the "only ones" qualified are the. "Moderate" voices.

I get a kick out of folks who tout how open carry would cause fear - you know- people SEEING guns would just cause chaos. It's just like those who cry about the need for "training". They all FAIL to realize that THEIR OWN VIOLATION of the opening clause of the SECOND AMENDMENT has CAUSED the very thing they now fear!

Were people practiced and familiar because the opening provision been adhered to, there would be no "training" in "need" of requiring and people would not freak out over seeing a "man with a gun". Indeed, when the Second is simply honored for what it says, seeing people carrying guns would be as normal as seeing them talking on smartphones. It would be everyday NORMAL.

Our activism going forward should revolve around Scalias short but profound sentence in Heller.

The Second Amendment is no different." (Than the First).

When "journalists" opine about reasonableness of regulation regarding arms, they must be tagged with justifying how the same restrictions must apply to First Amendment situations. Journalist permits, word limits, content registration and printing bans. Unnamed sources can no longer exist - they all gotta have government imposed serial numbers and be registered. All article transfers must be approved by government after full background checks of everyone involved etc etc etc.

The "journalists" would have a FIT about their RIGHTS and would be forced to claim guns are "different " - at which time we relentlessly point out what SCOTUS has admitted - ummmm no, it's no different! Rights are indeed RIGHTS! And AT LEAST strict scrutiny has to apply EQUALLY to them all.

Journalists don't want to be hammered as against equality, now do they?

Anonymous said...

Let's be 'moderate' and trade away other citizens liberty and rights ... for the chimera of a very little security and percieved safety ...

One of the Founders even thought of how foolish that was - if I remember correctly!