Friday, January 31, 2014

IL gun-haters deny trying to attack gun rights -- while advocating 2nd Amendment repeal.

If ISRA was planning to be confrontational and rude, good for them. King George III probably thought those pesky American colonists were rude, too.
Goodman also said he was making efforts to repeal the Second Amendment on the right to bear arms. “These pro-gun guys say they have rights that can’t be interfered with, but I think we should get rid of the Second Amendment . . . so we can talk about reasonable regulations on guns.”


Jim Klein said...

I'm sure of it now---I'll never, ever understand this "issue." If a strong enough gang somehow manages to get all the weapons from everyone who's not willing to give them up, then I guess they win on the point. If they don't, then they lose.

What in the world is there to talk about? It's like discussing what'll happen if the Sun blows up this afternoon. Come to think of it, very much like that.

Anonymous said...

This is the ISRA that EMBRACED and SUPPORTS "the strictest shall issue legislation in the country" after it and the NRA teamed up with Democrats to push "carry" through the legislature. Keep in mind that the legislation they got behind and backed as part of a "deal" contains the EXACT same language that federal court struck down as unconstitutional!

This crap from Lee "good man" is exactly why the ISRA actually ERRED in supporting the debacle now being implemented. The ISRA literally SOLD OUT. It did a poll and those responding were overwhelmingly AGAINST licensing to the tune if over 90 percent! And then the ISRA turns around and SUPPORTS creating a licensing system that ensures average joes gotta come off around 500 bucks in order to exercise their rights.

Even in bending over and bowing to the Lees if the world, the ISRA is STILL demonized as the "problem". As "rude". What was truly RUDE is the ISRA ignoring the poll it did and members/ supporters responded to.

Lee is so stupid (as evidenced by his repeal claims) that he fails to understand that, alongside the NRA, the ISRA is the best friend he has! Together, those two organizations constitute the biggest and best disguised GUN CONTROL groups left! Indeed, both claim some authority to make deals and trade away rights -behind closed doors of course- going so far as to do the OPPOSITE of what people tell them while directing folks to support the whittling away of their own rights.

What the NRA and ISRA have done here has set back legislatively by thirty years the gains made in courts in the last six. Producing job security for both themselves and the Lees of the world. How fitting it us to see Lee bit the hands that feed him. Karma.

Some think folks like me telling the truth about the ISRA and NRA are the problem. But the sign up numbers for their fee based permission slips is proving that there are a lot of folks just like me - outright REJECTING what amounts to massive and multiple layers of infringements and abridgments spanning several rights - both enumerated and not.

The good news? The ISRA and NRA (and others) have to live with what they did. They cannot escape responsibility for the SCAMMING they pulled and they cannot escape the reality that people KNOW what they did. They have proved through action that they side with government control over rights and that they view the Second Amendment as a permission that one must both qualify for and pay dearly for - and that's just to beg government for its approval !

Lee is a FOOL and at least he had that excuse. Where does that leave the ISRA and it's cohort the NRA? Oh yeah, it leaves them exposed as the TOOLS they are. The TOOLS of the government lackeys that bought and paid for them.

Wake up folks. The ISRA and the NRA are no more your friend or ally than is Lee "good man". They are peers - both wanting to destroy your RIGHTS by turning them into mere permissions for government to allow and disallow. Both disregard the plain language of the Constitution, favoring instead whatever "deals" they can make that will see their "donations" skyrocket.

They got their thirty pieces of silver from government and now they want thirty more from you. And then thirty more. But like the party faithful, they are finding out that the average joe who is informed turns their back to such chicanery.

Watch now as they start sounding like the Obamacare defenders - trying to make some sense about why "sign up" numbers are so PATHETICALLY LOW! And then watch as government then claims there must not be any wide spread interest in carrying - thus "justifying" further infringements "because that's what the majority of people want".

Anonymous said...

Apparently the hoplophobes are of the belief/opinion that merely legislating stops something. If that were true, there would be absolutely NO crime - making something illegal does NOT stop that activity, a self-evident truth that is apparently too hard of a concept for them to grasp.