Friday, January 24, 2014

Rough and rougher.

Just had the worst night I've had in a while. I'm working -- or trying to work -- on several projects at the moment and not getting much accomplished. Please forgive my lack of original work product. The procedure for beginning to deal with the stenosis at the bottom of my esophagus has been, thankfully, postponed until late next week. Keep me in your prayers. Meanwhile, the weather outside is approaching a female occultist's breast temperature. Will someone please file a complaint with Al Gore?
I'll try to have more later.


SWIFT said...

I've been around a long time and that HAS TO BE the most sugar coated description of a witches tit,I've ever read. I do wish you well with your health.

Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on!

That Al Gore is gonns end up as one of the biggest jokes of the millenium.

'Global Warming' phoooeee!


Anonymous said...

I'll keep you in my prayers Mike.
I agree someone has to do something about all this global warming(yes I'm being facetious). I just helped a man out of his overturned vehicle on the embankment of I-10 down here in San Antonio. He was uninjured but very rattled. That was my cue to abandon my attempts to make it in to work this morning. Well, that and I-10 being closed just past that area.

Jason T. III%

AJ said...

Like I said in another comment, make you you take some time to rest. Getting yourself exhausted isn't going to help.

luagha said...

Remember The Gore Effect.

You don't want to file a complaint with him. He might visit and make it worse.

Anonymous said...

Despite the original work crybabies, I appreciate quality over quantity. You do a hell of a job Mike and there is no need for any kind of apology. Your content kicks ass man.
We all owe you a tremendous debt that we can not even come close to paying.

As for medical issues, I appreciate that too , just in a different way. May I take this liberty and say -


About the only profession that gets paid huge sums for. " practicing" - actual outcome does vary.