Wednesday, November 6, 2013

OughtSix lashes Guns and Ammo for its Zumbo moment.

This letter to G&A was forwarder by long-time reader OughtSix:
Subject: Guns & Ammo Subscription
I'm sure you're getting a ton of mail regarding Dick Metcalf's ill advised and traitorous editorial in the December issue.
I will make mine as brief as my fury will permit:
No one gets to determine the limits of my natural rights, especially that very Right which has been under decades long attack by those would enslave us, and the only Right which provides the means by which we may be able to resist tyranny. When such would be tyrants are aided and abetted by someone who should be a natural ally in this struggle, and which appears in a magazine supposedly dedicated to firearms and their owners, it is appalling, and reveals the degree to which our tormentors have succeeded. The dumbing down and destruction of our culture is nearly complete. Metcalf is a canary in a coal mine.
Metcalf should be fired immediately and hounded from Patriotic society. He may surrender to all the regulation he seems to favor but he may not insist that the rest of us do so, certainly not in the pages of a GUN magazine. Let him go write at Huffington Post, Daily Kos or the New York Times. If he remains at G&A with mealy mouthed, weasel worded excuses, I will put as many of your subscribers as possible on notice that I will boycott, and advocate the boycotting, of their products until such time as they make their displeasure known to you, and this miserable statist tyrant enabler is removed from both magazines. Metcalf's error is far more serious but Jim Zumbo could have warned him....
I have been a long time subscriber to G&A, off and on, for more than twenty years, but this is beyond the pale. Please cancel my recent subscription renewal and refund the remainder of my money. It's not much in simple dollars but of major worth in Principle. You might try to remember yours.


Mark III said...

I'll be making a similar phone call today, with the added feature that they can have me back as a full-rate subscriber if I hear before year's end that Metcalf has been fired.

DAN III said...

What Mr. Oughtsix fails to address is the conglomerate that owns Guns & Ammo magazine.

THE INTERMEDIA OUTDOORS NETWORK is the group that owns and operates approximately 80 shooting/hunting/fishing/outdoors magazines. They also own and operate the SPORTSMAN CHANNEL.

Bad-mouthing G & A is great and canceling one's subscription is good. But be aware that INTERMEDIA OUTDOORS profits from many sources of revenue garnered by many, many entities advertising across INTERMEDIA's empire.

It's a rough road to hoe as it appears that every single source, is attacking Freedom.

Anonymous said...

And just how long before the sheeple finally wake up to the actuality that the NRA is (and has long been) in alignment with that ridiculous G and A attitude?

Rember when stepped in it?
The vote with spending dollars got through to them almost instantly. It MIGHT with G and A. It MIGHT with its parent corporate structure. But until the outrage reaches the NRA itself, I submit, it's just a losing game of whack-a-mole.

All is lost until people finally understand that they must exercise their rights in order to protect and defend their rights.

Anonymous said...

+10 to OughtSix!
+ 1 to Dan III

Every idiot in the world can attack freedom.

"The opinions of 10,000 are irrelevant if they are ignorant of the subject." Marcus Aurelius

The clowns who run trade magazines are not familiar with the concept of liberty. Their cause is the worship of mammon. They will sell their daughters into chattel for a the illusion of wealth today.

Anonymous said...

It may be a rough row to hoe, but a venture we must undertake. Surely among the readers here, there are people with connections to ad agencies or corporations that advertise on G&A/Intermedia.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy print magazines or subscribe to online "zines". No need in the digital age. There are planty of online media for gun enthusiasts that is literally free and covers much more than any "print" medium.

Anonymous said...


But never forget: THE ROAD IS LONG...

We need to get these "make-believe" CONSERVS OUT(!) - one whore at a time.

Ur smart. So HELP us - dont impress us.

Anonymous said...

1) cancel your subscription, if any

2) using the thoughtfully supplied subscription request cards, sign up anti gun persons/orgs today!

Anonymous said...

I had been wondering whether or not to renew my NRA membership. Bad idea?

BuckRedstone said...

"10 Corporations Control Nearly Everything You Buy, 6 Media Corporations Control Nearly Everything You Read or Watch"

Anonymous said...

What you need to do is not only renew your NRA membership, but send them some extra money from time to time when you can. They cannot successfully lobby nationally and in the states with only the membership dues. The fact the NRA does what they do is the only thing that has preserved our Second Amendment rights to the extent we still have them. The NRA deserves all the support we can give them! I'm not saying they're perfect, but the NRA does deserve our support.

- Old Greybeard
Patron-Level Life Member
The National Rifle Association

Average Moke said...

The official Guns & Ammo response via the bang switch.

oughtsix said...

Mike, please post that response from G&A!

Perhaps a minor victory, but a hopeful one nevertheless.

What I perceive is that more folks are seeing the light, fed up and willing to act.

And some of the fudds are starting to see the writing on the wall as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks O.G., Will do.

Paul X said...

"I had been wondering whether or not to renew my NRA membership. Bad idea?"

Definitely a bad idea. Send your support instead to GOA, their competitor. Only when NRA starts to lose significant support to GOA will they change their traitorous ways. The added advantage to you, for going with GOA, is that you will then actually be supporting RKBA.

Dutchman6 said...

I have deleted a couple of posts here that cast aspersions on Old Greybeard because I know them to absolutely false. I know the man, he is a patriot of the first order, and you may disagree with his opinions (Lord knows we don't see eye-to-eye on everything either) but you must respect his right to them, and to express them here, without slurs and name-calling.