Friday, November 22, 2013

Dirty uniformed thug bastards win in Grisham case.

Jury Gives C.J. Grisham $2,000 Fine With No Jail Time
Dashcam video released of Texas man arrested for ‘rudely displaying’ rifle


Anonymous said...

One question. Was he inside the limits of a municipality when the police accosted him? If he was, they were within their rights, depending on the city ordinances. That being said, they were acting like oppressive bastards.

Most cities or even small towns frown on folks walking along a road with a displayed firearm of any kind.

Is it right? Hell no. But it is the product of years of liberal indoctrination.

So, not only are we going to have to crush the collectivist bastards and their progeny, but we are going to have to retrain the voting public on the true meaning of the constitution.

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem. He was walking along the side of a public roadway with a slung rifle displayed in the open. He was asking to be reported by some liberal driver who passed by and called the local cops on their cell phone. He probably knew this was possible but did it anyway. Dumb! Real dumb. Now he has a firearms related conviction on his previously clean record. His CHL is now in jeopardy.

We are not at war with the government...yet. There is no reason to be attracting attention to ones self for displaying a gun in public. If we had been at war, he would not have been anywhere near a public roadway while carrying a gun. He would have been hoofing it cross country and avoiding ANY contact with the enemy in his vulnerable state. Outnumbered and with his most prized possession...his son.

I prefer to make statements with out carrying guns. I'd rather that the fact that I carry to be a total surprise to anyone who would perpetrate violence and/or harm on me or anyone I love.

He went our asking for trouble and he got it. He should just let the dust settle and concentrate on keeping his CHL and not getting classified as a "prohibited person". Though it may be too late for the latter.

Anonymous said...

You wrote about how the army surplus store guy had a misdemeanor recorded erroneously as a felony and how he became a prohibited person based on that. It was no accident, Mike. They were out to get him and coerce him into trying to set you up. Don't think for a second that this Texas case went unnoticed by the 'Holder' gang. Keep an eye on this guy. He did something stupid, (stupid is as stupid does), and now he will be wanting to get his clean record back.

Anonymous said...

An unprovoked attack by a pack of stooges. I sincerely hope MSG Grisham's son got his civics badge. He sure earned it that day. Those "officers" did a disservice to the Lone Star State and an honorable family man. They should be ashamed of themselves. The citizens of the municipality they work for need to seriously consider what type of officials they want representing their community.

SWIFT said...

The prosecution called an investigator who tracked Grisham's online activity following the incident. He said that Grisham was using the case only to gain publicity for his gun rights activism. In the Supreme Court ruling of Miranda v. Arizona, it was ruled that the exercising of a RIGHT, is NEVER a crime. Further, the Constitution guarantees every American the RIGHT to a defense.This tells me that the investigator has little knowledge of the law, or just doesn't give a shit about it. Anything for a paycheck. Sadly, we have way too many neo-nazi, sons-of-bitches out there, who are just like him. Grisham needs to appeal.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right, Hank III. The power hungry cop could have responded in any number of non-confrontational ways. For example, he could have just said,"hey there buddy..why not walk further away from the road so you don't make chicken shit passers by nervous." But no! He just had to throw his weight around. He's exactly the kind of law enforcement we don't need.

Anonymous said...

Municipality rules DO NOT TRUMP incorporated rights from the federal charter. They do not trump state rights either.

Anonymous said...

Too many posters here with the mindset that this is a-okay b/c the guy was a jerk or shouldn't have been carrying a rifle in public or whatever excuse you have for sitting on your hands rather than standing up for someone else's rights being violated.

Shame on you.

Camerman said...

As far As I Know, what he was doing was Legal In Texas, and just because some CS Liberal was Scared, He was stopped by the Cops and Disarmed! I don"t think the Jury got this Right, and he should have a case for appeal,So Much for Texas being a Gun friendly State!

Semper Fi