Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting cranked up to cause more trouble. "Quick Outline of the Three Percenter Program of Armed Civil Disobedience to Date."

Well, folks, we're getting cranked up to cause more trouble in the land of the anti-constitutional heathens (you know, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Colorado, etc.).
Here is a "Quick Outline of the Three Percenter Program of Armed Civil Disobedience to Date (15 November 2013)" that I handed to a couple of reporters last Friday.
1. Participation in marches and rallies in opposition to local and state firearm prohibition measures. Examples: Ruidoso, NM; Temple, TX and San Antonio, TX. See video link of action in September 2011 at Ruidoso city council meeting. (“Ruidoso NM: Mayor bans firearms on public property. Citizens arm themselves, come to city council meeting and disobey the order.”)
“Larry Pratt (of Gun Owners of America) and Bob Wright are in the middle of the resistance. Bob reports the cops were ‘VERY, VERY polite.’ With at least 80 armed citizens in the room that was probably a good idea.”
2. Smuggling in defiance of new state laws in Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Colorado, etc. Examples: public announcement of smuggling on steps of CT state capitol, 20 April 2013; public defiance of Colorado state law by citizens exchanging standard capacity magazines on statehouse steps, Denver, 1 July 2013; continued quiet defiance by smuggling magazines and ammunition to affected states.
3. Manufacture and transfer of prohibited items in the affected states. Examples: magazine manufacture in two states; ammunition reloading and transfer contrary to law in Connecticut.
If there are any volunteers who would like to help out in those affected states, please drop me an email. And if there are any readers who would like to help out with conspiracy expenses, that would be great too.


Anonymous said...

Dutch, OT but a very interesting read:

Backwoods Engineer said...

RELOADING ammo is illegal? Stupidest law ever. Connecticut is like another country now.

You're doing the Lord's work, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but yer standing up to "trouble ", not causing it.

Anonymous said...

Is that the new MVB aka smuggler postage stamp?