Monday, November 25, 2013

NRA weeniewagon revs its engine on Sellout Street (again). "Is NRA throwing printed guns under the bus?"

The NRA needs to explain why it evidently believes that the Second Amendment protects only the right to keep and bear commercially produced arms.


FedUp said...

So NRA really is the gun industry lobby, as the gun grabbers keep claiming?

The NRA is the most successful anti gun lobbying group in the country. When they 'decide not to oppose', it's a near guarantee the bill will pass.

Anonymous said...

The NRA "leadership" DOES believe the Second Amendment only protects what government says it protects and even then only those arms that must be rooted in commerce. The NRA has entrenched itself with.a seat at that gubmint table and it has eaten nicely for some time now.

The NRA is FAR more interested in telling others at the table to pass the pie, and don't forget the cool whip, than it is wasting its time thinking about the hungry folks who cannot even see the table much less take a seat at it.

The NRA supports the economic chains because it has figured out how to be a padlock toll taker. It's positioned itself to become enriched by playing both ends against the middle - you know- like gubmint!

Any gun owner who gives the NRA a cent is a damned fool. Money given to the NRA constitutes a contribution to a GUN CONTROL organization. Period.

LChapman said...

If this keeps going on, the weenie wagon image may need an update.