Thursday, November 21, 2013

The propagation and weaponization of an idea.

This was forwarded to me and I have absolutely no idea where it came from, but it does show the power of the Three Percent idea as well as validation of the Fourth Generation Warfare concept of the propagation and weaponization of an idea.


DJMoore said...

I'd feel a lot better if those hunters weren't so eager to see my gun taken away from me because I'm not a hunter.

Anonymous said...

Even thou this is true, the path to freedom is full of death, destruction and heartbreak for all. The tyrants of today will never agree to leave people alone. They will make the honest, hardworking Taxpaying man an enemy of the state thru propaganda then sit in their plush office sipping wine and order others to kill him and watch it as the mans house is bombed and his family is obliterated on tv. The 3% fight and win, not because they are full of heart and courage. It is because they are full of hate brought on by the deaths of their loved ones.

Anonymous said...

But will they?

And for whom?

Anonymous said...

Hey DJMoore,
That doesn't make a damned bit of sense. I don't think any hunter wants to see your gun taken away. Where in heck did you get that idea?

Anonymous said...

Alright, I'm gonna play Devil's Advocate here...

We can't have the 3% movement turn into an echo chamber, someone has to bring up ideas and thoughts that make us uncomfortable, so that we can see where we are weak and need to improve.

So here it goes:

It only takes 3% of the population to take up arms against tyranny and win.

I hope those 3% are actually physically fit enough to take up arms and wage a long-term (Think decades) 4th Generation war against tyranny. Our nation's obesity rate is terrible. A lot of people in this nation can barely jog, let alone run 3 miles in under 20 minutes.

How about hiking up and down hills with a heavy backpack on, with a gun, a chest rig with extra loaded magazines at high elevation? Do you think you could do something like that? Right now? Do you think you could work your way up to doing that?

Throw in a group of guys with tracking dogs hunting your A$$ down, and who have all silently agreed that there will be no trial, and see how you feel about waging a 4th Generation war...

Ask yourself: If (God Forbid...) you're conducting a 4th Generation warfare operation, and the operation goes south, how fast could you run to get the hell away from the opposition forces who will be looking for you?

Are you fit enough to wage a war?

The number of hunters from just three states make up the largest army.

No they don't.

An Army requires (good) order and discipline. It requires stripping people of their individuality, and working as a single unit. Without that, there's a good chance you're gonna be slaughtered.

Most hunters, as far as I can tell, aren't willing to sacrifice themselves for their fellow hunters. (The Fudds sure as a hell seem to be willing to throw other gun owners under the bus to protect their bolt-action hunting rifles...)

A bunch of hunters spread out over several states does not make an army.

Unless there is a lot more cohesion within the hunting community than I realize, I doubt they would make up even an irregular militia that George Washington would be willing to command.

Could they cause a lot of problems? I don't doubt it. But how quickly with the winds of policy change to outlaw "dangerous bolt-action assault weapons with scopes" if hunters started picking off highly visible people in the media or politicians?

And how many hunters would comply with new laws outlawing possession of those types of guns?

I also doubt that those hunters would be all that excited to go out and hunt if they knew the animals they were hunting could shoot back.

That is precisely what will happen.

Tyrants, and their lackeys who do their dirty work, don't like being shot at anymore than we do, and they'll shoot back.

They're not going to sit idly by, twiddling their thumbs, while we pick them off in a Turkey-Shoot.

I would love to see more articles on this site about physical fitness. If you're serious about the 3% movement, then you should get in shape, and you should stay in shape. You should keep you BMI reasonable. You should be in martial arts. You should be walking a lot. You should be running a lot. You should be hitting the gym several times a week.

Guns, and good marksmanship are only part of the equation.

Ron Thomas said...

I do hope that whomever made that graphic cleared it with Kerodin first. It DOES say 3% in there after all.

David Forward said...

Counting hunter's as a defensive force is more than a stretch. There's a big difference between pulling a trigger on an animal, another species, than pulling a trigger on another human being. While some people can do it with a clear conscience in defense of home and self, most cannot due to the moral dilemma they find themselves facing. This has been proven time and again even among the military -- in fact, much of modern military training is geared toward knocking down that moral barrier.

Also, Bambi isn't firing a gun back at the hunter before, during or after the hunter fires on an armed human advisory -- that dramatically changes the equation when confronting a quarry.

Anonymous said...

Many hunters are against misnamed "assault rifles" Anon@8:09AM

Just a few quick examples......

Anonymous said...

I think some are confusing Fourth Generation Warfare with First, Second, and Third Generation Warfare. Fourth Generation Warfare, if planned and executed properly (including egress), need not involve confrontation or violence at all.

It's always a good idea to be in good physical shape throughout all of life, but 4GW is more about brains than brawn.

Anonymous said...

Just my .02 cents' worth but why do so many presume any major civil conflict is going to take place in the hinterlands ? IMNSHO the real conflicts are going (and hopefully never will) take place in urban/suburban spaces.

A tyrannical government can easily afford to ignore those in the vast spaces simply because they are so few and easily isolated, (physically and politically). Not so in our urban/suburban enclaves. To maintain even a semblance of "representative government empowerment" the "powers extant" can't create another Warsaw, let alone a series of them ! Jeff

Anonymous said...

Part of the issue here is the people that have been speaking for the gun culture. They keep promoting gun ownership and equating that with hunting only. Whenever the subject comes up I like to point out that the 2nd Amendment was not included as a right so we could hunt deer and ducks but yet to dispatch tyrants that choose to enslave us along with thugs that wish to rob and kill us. Some experience the light going on while others are to dense to realize anything beyond the scope of their own existance. Those are the idiots that are now having to change their diapers repeatedly when they are faced with the reality of the current crop of statists giving them "free" healthcare. Think what else these government maggots have lied about.

Anonymous said...

Quantity may have a quality all of its own but the real question is do 3% of that quantity have the mettle?


bubba said...

How many cupbearers will be available to protect them after the elites order the confiscation of our property?

We don't need them but they will gladly invite people like us into their places of work, their dining halls and their very homes to perform the tasks they cannot do for themselves.

Anonymous said...

"Quantity may have a quality all of its own but the real question is do 3% of that quantity have the mettle?"
In response. This nation has been at war now for 12 years. In that time thousands of men and women have served in uniform. Before that there was the Vietnam vets who are in my opinion still very formidible in their abilities and desire. Taken as a whole yes, these are men and women that have been tested in battle and have shed blood in defense of America. Along with other dedicated patriots they are ready and willing to do what needs to be done to free this nation from the tyranical grip that now attempts enslave the people of this country. In the last five weeks more and more folks have had the lights go on in realization of what this Regime is capable of and to what lengths it will go to achieve the evil they have in mind for us. Today was a further example as the Marxist once again trampled on the rights of the politcal minority to shut down political opposition. We are in dangerous times and extreme measures to combat evil are right around the corner. IMHO. There are a hell of a lot more then 3% ready and willing. All we need is the go signal.